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VideoCast Season 12 Preview – 135

Episode Overview

Dustin from Board Gaming with Education shares some updates and what to expect for Season 12 of the podcast.

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VideoCast Season 12 Preview – 136

Transcript automated and provided by otter.ai. [Using this link helps us continue to use this transcription service for future episodes.] Disclaimer: This is an automated transcript and may have errors in grammar, wording, and/or word choice.

Dustin Staats 0:00
What’s up Board Gaming with Education community and NGO gamers. Welcome to the season 12 Board Gaming with Education podcast. Well actually, if you’re here on YouTube, it is a video cast. Welcome. If you’re listening to us on your podcast where you normally get your podcast, I encourage you to come on over to YouTube, check out the visual medium, you’ll have a chance to see my face as well as some of our awesome guests face. I’m learning how to do some video editing. So we’ll have some other awesome visual images that I can kind of share as part of the video cast as well. So during this episode, I’m going to share with you some updates with Board Gaming with Education. If you’re new to Board Gaming with Education, this is a perfect opportunity to jump in on our journey, and learn what we’re all about and what we do with board games for learning. So let’s go.

Board Gaming with Education 0:53
Board Gaming with Education, a podcast for anyone curious about how games and education mix, we explore various topics like game based learning, gamification, and board games and the impacts they have on learning. here’s your host, Dustin Staats.

Dustin Staats 1:11
Alright, so if you’re not familiar with Board Gaming with Education, a quick rundown, we are an online community and store focused on board games for learning we do talk about or create content for game based learning or gamification or other areas related to games for learning. But our main focus is on board games and how to leverage those for the classroom and for at home learning. So I’m excited to have you here if you’re new. If not, then I’m excited to also have you here to hear about some of our new updates to the channel. So let’s go to the next topic, our streams. So with season 12, we’re also going to start streaming again, that’s every Wednesday at 5:30pm. Pacific Standard Time, you’ll see what our streams look like right now there’s a picture on your screen, really excited to have you join us, we try to make these as interactive and engaging as possible for you as an audience. And also, if you’re interested in coming on our stream, let us know we’re not necessarily looking for guests who know about games for learning, or even know about board games, we’d be really excited to have some people on the show that are not familiar with the board game hobby and kind of talk to them about their experience with board games. Or if you are super experienced in the board game hobby or you know a lot about the ins and outs of the industry we’d love to have you on as well. I’ll leave a link down below for the forum to sign up to be a guest on our stream. So next up, we’re going to talk about the Board Gaming with Education Instagram account. So we’ve been doing it’s been a lot of fun for me and also really cool to see others engage in our community through Instagram. I go live every Friday and chat about some updates with Board Gaming with Education and talk about some games I’ve been playing. It’s very casual, maybe 1015 minute chat about that. I also create some Instagram reels. I’m kind of experimenting with YouTube, and tik tok as well for these so you can actually find these reels either on Instagram, YouTube, or tik tok. But if you want to subscribe if you want to check out some of these rules, check out our Instagram. I also like to update our Instagram as more of a personal approach to social media. So try to share some behind the scenes things, some games, we’re playing some things that go on some other things that are going on at Board Gaming with Education. So again, our Instagram will leave a link below. And check that out. Next up, I want to share with you what we’re doing with resources for board games are and I’m really excited about this. We’ve been working on this for a while you can already go to Board Gaming with Education COMM And check out our science based resources, we created some Board Gaming with Education branded resources that go along with our games, for example, there’s periodic behind me, wingspan has some learning resources to go along with them as well. cytosis, which you can’t see is above me over there. You can go to our site and check out any of those games. If you purchase a game, you automatically get these learning resources that come with lesson plans that align with standards, different handouts to help you use these games in your classrooms. And at home learning guide. So depending on the game, there might be some different resources available for each game. Check it out. But the cool thing the really thing, the thing I’m really excited about is we’re expanding this opportunity to our community. So we’re going to be reaching out to a select few individuals to start developing resources for our website, we’re going to create a community based section. So that will be a section that is not related to the games we carry in our store. It might be just other game based activities, other activities related to gamification. And then we’re also going to have our branded resources Board Gaming with Education these resources come For free complimentary with any of the game purchases, that we have the main four, What’s really unique about our game in our store too, if you purchase, for example, wingspan, we just finished those resources about a week ago. And anyone that purchased the game in the past are going to instantly get access to those resources. So if we end up developing resources for game you purchased through our store in the past, you’ll get those resources for free in the future too. So really excited about that. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, you can reach out to me directly podcast at Board Gaming with Education comm leave that email in the show notes or in the description of this video below to Next up, we’re going to talk about our website, we are continuously making updates to our site. But one thing that we’re going to be rolling out is a form to help with providing feedback on the areas we need to improve to make the site better for you. So if you’re interested, stay tuned. This forum will be available very soon. And you’ll have an opportunity to earn something called Edu gamer points. If you’re not familiar with that, that’s like store credit for Board Gaming with Education calm. That’s a way to say thank you for helping us improve our site. So stay tuned. And the next thing and the last thing I want to talk about is our newsletter. Board Gaming with Education newsletter is the best way to stay up to date with everything going on at Board Gaming with Education. It’s also a really great way to hear from me personally on some resources I’ve found useful related to game based learning or gamification or other content that I found super helpful throughout the week. I emailed this newsletter out once a week on Tuesdays. So if you’re interested in signing up for this newsletter, go to Board Gaming with Education comm it’ll be one of the first things on the site, or you can go to Board Gaming with Education comm backslash podcast dash community, and it will be the first thing you see there. Again, I’ll leave a link below in the video description or show notes. All right, that’s it for today for this week. Next week we’ll be back with an episode super excited for this episode we’re going to talk about using games to support hybrid learning and at home learning for your kids excited to be joined by Danielle dabs for that episode. Stay tuned next week. And as always, thank you for joining the community watching this video or listening to our podcast the best way you can help us grow our brand and share our mission of board games for learning. Share this with one other person, just one share with one other person. doesn’t even matter if they check it out or click on the link but just share it let them know that we’re out there. We’re all about using board games for learning. So until next time, we’ll see you next week.

Board Gaming with Education 7:55
Thank you for listening in this week. If you liked what you heard, be sure to let us know you can find us on social media as Board Gaming with Education or PGE games or email us at podcast at Board Gaming with education.com. If you want to support our podcast Be sure to check out our support page on our website. As always teach better learn more and most importantly, play more. Thank you for listening and until next time

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