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Event Edition: Triple B Social – 012

Teacher Edition- Episode 12: Triple B Social- Board Games, BBQ, and Beer

Episode Overview

What is the Triple B Social?

Rich and Dustin talk about the Triple B Social, a social event in Taipei, Taiwan put together by Top Shelf Games that combines board games, food, beer, and various other activities like salsa dancing, yoga, arts and crafts, and many others. Check out what we covered at the event by listening to episode 12, or by reading below. Be sure to like Top Shelf Games on Facebook!
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Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the song “Hubub” for music used between our interviews and “Work It” for music used in the introduction:
Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

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(Transcript coming soon- support our podcast and email us a transcript of episode 12)

Board Gaming with English at the Triple B Social

We want to thank Top Shelf Games for hosting us at their Triple B Social event. We also want to thank those who attended the event and played the games we hosted throughout the day. We love to be able to teach and have fun at the same time and are glad you were able to attend the event and play some games with us.
During the event, we led three different games including Spyfall, Werewords, and Mysterium.
Spyfall is a social deduction question and answer game that you can use to learn and improve your English. This is a great English game for asking questions. If you are the spy you need to find out where everyone else is. If you are not the spy, you need to find the spy by asking the other players questions to find their location.
Werewords is another social deduction game that mixes Werewolf from Episode 1 and the classic question-guessing game called 20 Questions. This is a great English game for asking questions and learning some vocabulary words from others playing the game. If you are on the village team, you need to guess the words, if you are on the werewolf team, you need to be sure no one guesses the word.
Mysterium is a mystery-murder game. It is very abstract and it requires you to make connections through art. You need to try to understand what the ghost is trying to communicate through art. It is a great game for advanced English learners because it requires some discussion. If you are an English teacher, and you want to use this game, I recommend pairing students. This way they have to discuss with each other and decide based on their discussion. It is also great for learners who don’t want to feel too pressured to speak because if you want, you can play the game without much discussion.

Contacts from the Episode

Todd and Top Shelf Games

You can find Todd and his company on Facebook and on their website Top Shelf Games Co.

Tim the Photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer for your event, Tim’s details can be found on his Flickr account.

Games Talked about on the Episode

Dustin, Rich, and the guests at the event talk about and mention several different games during this episode. If any of these games sound like something you might enjoy playing personally or in your class, you can help support our podcast by purchasing these games through our Amazon affiliate links. We will earn a small commission at no expense to you. Check out the games below:







Todd’s Desert Island Questionnaire

Lords of Waterdeep



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