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Board Gaming with English’s Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end. We want to commemorate the year and the community we are involved in by honoring our top 5 podcasts of 2018. These top five are in no particular order. They are podcasts we really enjoyed and found to be very helpful and entertaining for the field of education, gaming, or both.

Tuesday Knight Games

We love this show! Their tagline is “The stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, or even under the gaming table.” They really nail relatable storytelling in the board gaming world.

It is very light-hearted and not too overwhelming for board gaming newbies. Sean and Alan, the two hosts, do a great job at filling you in when board game hobby “terms” are used on their show. Their show is littered with great segments, such as “Knave to Knight” submissions, where listeners can send in their own recording of a story they have about playing board games. The production and sound effects are also amazing! Very great high-quality stuff!

They also do something great on their show called “The Zero Episode.” It is a recap of what their show is about. Sean and Alan go over every segment that makes up their show.

We recommend starting here: Episode 160 (Warning: They do use some explicit language on the show. Very light, explicit language.)

Board Game Design Lab

This podcast is definitely one for the gamers! If you like board games, if you have thought about designing your own board game, if you are just curious about the process, check this one out!

What makes this podcast unique is Gabe Barrett. He is a teacher and is currently teaching English in Honduras. If you listen to several episodes, you’ll hear about some of his insights into using games in the classroom.

The Board Game Design Lab Podcast is great because it is very topical. Are you are curious about role-playing games? There is an episode about that! Manufacturing games? There is an episode about that! Designing for accessibility? There is an episode for that as well!

We recommend starting here: Designing a Tabletop RPG with Stephen & Michael Stagliano (This is a recent episode where storytelling is one topic touched on.)

Well PlayED

Mr. Matera talks about “playful learning.” He brings on guests with experience using games in their classroom. However, he does not stop there! He offers his own insight on how to use gamification in your classes.

His enthusiasm, as well as his passion for education and playful learning, is inspiring. The show takes any motivation you already have for bringing these types of educational elements to your class and brings it out tenfold. Be sure to check it out!

We recommend starting here: Episode 88- Getting Started Series (Part 1)


Ludology explores the “how’s and why’s of board gaming.” Their analytical podcast dives deep into various topics surrounding board games. Gil and Geoff touch on topics ranging from how to balance games, how to design puzzle games, and answer questions such as, Who likes to play games? and Why do they like to play them?

We recommend starting with Ludology’s quick GameTek Classic: Episode 187 Games for the Really, Really Smart, but then stick around and listen to Episode 185 Libratus.

Game Level Learn

In Game Level Learn, Jon Cassie and Tracy Wazenegger explore various concepts of game-based learning and gamification in education for all ages. The podcast is great for teachers, parents, and educators of all types.

Jon and Tracy have deep discussions about how you can apply some of these concepts in your lessons. They are full of great tips for beginners who want to implement game-based learning or gamification in their lessons. Even if you have done it before, it is a great resource to learn a few new tips and tricks from other great teachers.

We recommend starting here: Designing a Game-based Learning or Gamified Adventure Session

And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Top 5 Board Gaming with English Episodes of 2018!

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