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Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2018

Board Gaming with English Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2018


Happy New Year! 2018 has ended, and what better way to celebrate 2019 by looking back at our year. These are our top 5 episodes of 2018. We chose these episodes based on both personal preference and number of downloads.

Number 1: Snake Oil feat. Grace, Matthias, and Sayo

This one was by far the most fun to record! Rich and Dustin played Snake Oil with three other guests, Grace (Dustin’s wife), Matthias, and Sayo. It was a lot of fun to record and is a lot of fun to listen to. In Snake Oil, you need to be very creative and sell your product to the other players. The catch? The product can be very off-the-wall crazy! You might have to sell a “Noodle Giggle” to a banker. What the heck is a “Noodle Giggle?” Well, that is up to you as the salesperson to decide. Listen in below.

Number 2: Teacher Edition: Board Games in Higher Education feat. Dave Eng

Our most downloaded episode: Episode 14 Board Games in Higher Education feat. Dave Eng.

This was our first interview episode and “Teacher Edition” Episode. In this “Teacher Edition” Episode of Board Gaming with English, Rich and Dustin talk to Dave Eng about his experience using board games in higher education and specifically how he has adapted games in his field. Dave Eng, Ed.D. is an intellectual and creative educator, designer, and researcher who combines, games, theory, and technology to define NEXT practice. He currently consults privately for colleges and universities on games-based learning, gamification, higher education administration, and instructional design. He loves the student affairs community and has helped many entry professionals get their foot in the door with their first position. Listen in below.

Number 3: Teacher Edition (Classroom Logistics): Game-based Writing Lesson feat. Grace Withmory

Very useful tools we have discussed many times on the podcast: Story Cubes or Imagidice. These dice have different images on them that you can roll and ask students to make sentences, tell stories, or any other innovative idea you can imagine. Take a listen to Episode 31 to see how Grace Withmory used them in her class.

In this “Teacher Edition” episode of Board Gaming with English, Dustin talks to his wife Grace Withmory. She currently works as a high school ELL and digital art teacher. In the episode, they talk about how Grace has used Story Cubes and Imagidice with her high school ELL students. Grace elaborates on one particular activity she has used in her class that uses the cubes as inspiration for creative writing and storytelling. Listen in below.

Number 4: Two Rooms and a Boom

This one is a Learner Edition episode. These episodes are meant for English language learners to help practice the grammar structures of the game. This was one of our first episodes of the podcast, and Dustin’s favorite game featured on the podcast.

Number 5: Rich’s Top 5 Farewell

It wouldn’t be a top 5 best of 2018 list without the tribute episode! Rich was instrumental in getting our podcast going, and providing wonderful insights for the field of education. We’ll miss him, but we’re sure he will be back! Listen in to our last episode of 2018 below.

Finally, thank you! Thank you all for being a part of our community and helping us strive! Be sure to check back in 2019 for some great things to come.

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