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Top 5 Board Game Websites (and adjacent resources) of 2020

Every year we do a list of podcasts, games, or other forms of media or resources we discovered throughout the previous year. These lists are new-to-us lists and you may have heard of these resources long before we have. With that said, below is our list of the top board game sites (or adjacent resources) of 2020.

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1. Board Game Atlas

Whoa! This site is the new one-stop shop for all things board games with a sleek interface and amazing user experience. One of our favorite parts about the website is the price comparison tool for games. You can search for a game that you are interested in purchasing and look at the current and historical cost of the game across the web! You might just find Board Gaming with Education’s store on some of those lists as well!

Some features worth checking out:

  • Each game has a rating system for each, includes specific details like previous Kickstarter campaigns, and reviews.
  • Their board game price tool and “Board Game Deals” tab is a must for anyone looking at picking up a game on the interwebs.
  • They also have a very active and engaging community in their forums!

From the site: “This is a community to talk about and enjoy board games featuring a unique board game autocomplete for conversations. You can also find info on 120,000+ board games in our database.”

2. Board Game Halv

Board Game Halv is a board game community that checks all the right boxes. We chose this website for 2020 because of its user friendly interface. You can find and access resources on the site very easily. They also have an excellent system for managing the thousands and thousands of board games out there and that is highlighted in their “Find a Board Game” post.

Some features worth checking out:

From their Twitter Account: Board Game Enthusiast and Lover of Life!

3. Board Game Stats ($3.99)

This next selection for our 2020 top five list is actually an app. We wanted to put this app on our list because this has been a crazy year and having this app to look back on the games we have played has been a nice calming feeling. It is really nice to look back on some games we have been able to play with friends and family before the pandemic, and then also look at games that hit the table and the computer screen during the pandemic. It is really great to see board games as such a strong staple of our lives and the app helped remind us of that!

Some features worth checking out:

  • The app allows you to track all your plays by logging what game you played, where you played it, who you played it with.
  • Directly track down games and images from the Board Game Geek website.
  • There is a $3.99 price tag for the app, but we have found it well worth it!

From the app: Keep track of your Board Game collection, plays and scores in this easy to use tool.  View statistics and graphs for your games, plays, and other players.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.eerko.boardgamestats

Apple App Store:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/board-game-stats/id892542000

4. Adventures in Gameschooling

With more and more families homeschooling, Adventures in Gameschooling is the perfect site for anyone interested in using games as a part of their homeschool curriculum. And we at Board Gaming with Education, highly recommend you do so!

Some features worth checking out:

  • Ryan’s Book and a Board Game Corner is a really unique take on making learning thematic through reading and play.
  • There are also some great printables and print and play games on the site too!
  • Not to mention some great reviews from a homeschooler’s perspective!
  • From their Facebook Page: Putting a spotlight on family board games and on using analog games in homeschool and traditional school settings.

From their Facebook Page: Putting a spotlight on family board games and on using analog games in homeschool and traditional school settings.

5. Board Game Spotlight Facebook Group

We want to highlight our favorite Facebook group as a top website this year! We really enjoy the interactions with members of this Facebook group and  Lizzy, Derek, and company are amazing moderators and community leaders for the group.

  • They host group specific giveaways from publishers and retailers all across the board game community!
  • Loads of active board game designers, publishers, media in the group that happily engage in the community there!
  • Occasional live play throughs of new games!

About the group: Bringing you weekly board games or Kickstarter projects to explore. Every week we launch a banner from Tuesday to Tuesday highlighting a Kickstarter project. Our hope is that we create a diverse group of gamers that have meaningful and fun conversations about the things we love – board games!

Bonus: All the Online Sites for Playing Board Games

If you are a board game hobby enthusiast, you’ll be very familiar with these sites! Since the pandemic started, we have been forced off our tabletops and onto our computer screens. Although I personally believe tabletop games are so much more enjoyable in person with friends and family, having the option to play online with friends and family from afar has been a blessing. Below is a list with short description of each site for playing board games online that we have come across:

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is a software-based board gaming platform. You will need Steam to use the platform. It is fully customizable, and you can create just about any game you can think of on the platform. Games have to be added as mods to be able to use them on the platform. Among the sites listed, this one has the most options!

Board Game Arena (my personal favorite)

Free to Play or Premium Membership for around $3/month or $9/year

Board Game Arena is a web-based online board game platform for playing hundreds of different games. The games are coded into the system, so it is impossible to cheat and helps you learn new games! It is free to play, however, the premium membership comes with benefits such as access to all games, no wait times, and other features.


Tabletopia is another web-based OR software-based board gaming platform. There is more flexibility in the design, so you may run into some games that are fully interactive in a way that you may have to know the rules of the game before clicking around. You will be able to do anything your mouse allows you on screen.

Game-Specific Sites: You’ll find a gigantic spreadsheet of all the games you can potentially play online here.

Let us know if we have missed any as we will be happy to add them to our list!

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