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Attending a Virtual Board Game Convention with TantrumCon – 124

Episode Overview

Dustin is joined by Rodger and Tantrum House to talk about their virtual convention TantrumCon. Listen in to hear why attending a virtual board game convention can help with integrating games remotely in your classroom and with family.

Find everything related to the convention here:

TantrumCon Website: https://www.tantrumhouse.com/tantrumcon.html/

TantrumCon Schedule: https://www.tantrumhouse.com/schedule.html

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Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their song “Retro Gamer” for our Interview Segment. This song can be found in full on this music archive.

Transcript of “Attending a Virtual Board Game Convention with TantrumCon – 124”

Board Gaming with Education 0:03
Board Gaming with Education a podcast for anyone curious about how games and education mix, we explore various topics like game based learning, gamification, and board games and the impacts they have on learning. here’s your host, Dustin Staats.

Dustin Staats 0:21
Welcome to a Board Gaming with Education kind of live podcast I say live because we’re literally attending tantrum con throughout this episode. Some of these clips are going to be straight from the day, which is Friday, February 5, when tantrum con is happening, it just started today. And it’s going to be going on until the weekend. Some of the clips are going to be from interviews with will inserra from before the show from last week talking about what to expect at tantrum con. And another is going to be with Roger Knight chatting about what we’re looking forward to at tantrum con. So for this episode, join me as I head further into the first day of tangent con. It’s the morning right now as I’m recording this section of the episode, I’m going to have some other clips that are from other experiences that I have throughout the first morning, early afternoon of the convention, but then you’re going to be listening to this episode, if you get it the day that it comes out later on in the afternoon. If you’re listening to it later on, after the conventions over well, you can watch the replay of the convention. So you can check out some of the things they did. And check out some of the games they played. And you might be able to take some things from the replay as well. So if you’ve missed it, don’t worry, you still can check out some of the things from the convention. And by listen to this episode, you’ll kind of get a feel for the convention as well. This is something totally new, we’ve covered some conventions live before, but we were there in person to kind of share our experience of going to convention, what it’s like to attend in person. But now we’re gonna we’re gonna do the same thing. But we’re gonna look at it from a virtual aspect. So what it’s like to attend a convention virtually. So I’m excited. We’ll see how this episode turns out. And I’m curious, I’d love to hear from you what you think about this episode, you can always email me podcasts and Board Gaming with education.com. Or just again, I’ll be pretty active in the Facebook group this weekend, game based learning gamification and games for education on the thread, what are you playing this weekend, I will be posting some games that I’m playing and where you can find me at tantrum con. So I’m going to post everything you need to know about tangible content in the show notes of this episode. Again, I’m excited for it, it’s free, it’s really easy to join, all you need to do is go to YouTube and search Tanjung con, maybe digital convention, you might have to type that in. But I’m sure if you just search tantrum con, it’ll show up on YouTube because there’ll be live all weekend. And what’s really great about this, as an educator and I chat about this a couple times is that they are using some games to engage the audience. And these are going to be perfect, perfect examples of ways you can use games virtually with your students. So whether you’re hybrid or virtual, you might find some great games that you can use in your class, whether that’s kind of integrating these games to target some content, you might have to adapt them quite a bit or just using some of these games as a way to build relationships with your students as like a weekly check in or a weekly game that you might do. So I’m excited to kind of watch how they pull off some of these games. We’ve done some of them on our stream as well on our Facebook Live and some of our live streams. So I know that it’s definitely going to be awesome and really cool to see how they do it as well and see if I can take some things in and play some other games live on our stream in the future. So let’s have a chat with Willow and Sarah and get to know them a little bit and learn a bit more about tantrum con.

Will and Sarah Welcome to the show. I’m thrilled to have you guys here because we are recording a week before tantrum con. But this episode is actually coming out the day of tantrum Connor the first day of tantrum con. And I want to I want to talk about what tantrum con is all about. But before we get there, would you mind just sharing a little bit about yourselves? And then we can dive in and talk more about the convention?

Unknown Speaker 4:18
Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for having us on the show. We are thrilled to be able to to be able to share some of our excitement for everything that’s going to be going on at tantrum con.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
Yeah, we have a huge lineup of prizes and games and ways for the audience to play along with us, which I think is going to be a lot different than some of the other cons. And we have some awesome stuff coming down the pipe for just tantrum house in general this year. So it’s going to be amazing.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Yeah, I think your question was tell you a little bit about who we are and when we do. I don’t know if we set our names. Yeah, this is well and Sarah we are some of the founding members of tantrum house, which is a board game Media Group. We do reviews and previews, Kickstarter previews, we do podcasting. We do a lot of live playthroughs. We have hosted our own live convention the last couple of years. And this year, we’re bringing it to the YouTubes. And yeah, we just enjoy having a lot of fun. with friends and family playing a lot of fun board game. It’s super awesome. You

Dustin Staats 5:19
have a lot of amazing things going on with tantrum cotton this year, even though it’s virtual. I had a friend I lived in Taiwan for about three years, and he was stateside the last couple years, I think was able to go to your convention. So he had some very good things to say about the convention. So I’m excited when it’s back in person, hopefully, maybe check it out in person to

Unknown Speaker 5:40
be awesome. We’d love to have you.

Dustin Staats 5:41
Yeah, all the conventions. They’re all virtual right now. Right? A lot of things are virtual right now. So if I’m brand new, or relatively new to board games, because that’s kind of where our listeners fall, or we have some long term hobby board gamers, but we do have some new board gamers or people that are new to the hobby, what can they expect? Or how might they start to get involved with tantrum con this weekend? Well, one

Unknown Speaker 6:04
of the things that we’re most excited about is that we’re trying to keep everything very straightforward, very user friendly. We’ve attended a number of other virtual cons this year. And there’s just sometimes too much going on with like trying to find the right discord room or wandering through a 3d virtual world or not being sure which channel which thing is on. For tanto con, we’re going to be on our YouTube channel today from house. If you go to the website, tuner house comm or if you just go to YouTube, and search for tantrum house, we’re going to be on our page for basically three solid days. And we’re going to be playing tons and tons of board games. Most of those games are games that you can play along with us, either just by watching the YouTube and commenting in the comments. Or if you want to get really involved, which we would love for you to do, we’re going to also be simultaneously doing a zoom of the entire event where we’ll be giving out instructions actually playing the games giving away tons of prizes. And you can learn more about that it’s really easy to get onto. But you can do that at tantrum house.com forward slash zoom, ZO m. And that will give you a link to the zoom and some tips on how to be involved.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
Yeah, and a lot of the games that we are playing are more of that family casual weight games, we’re not playing the two and three hour heavy games that might be intimidating to folks in your audience. So if you listeners want to get in on some brand new games that are great to play with your whole family with your kids, definitely check out the show because we’ll have a couple that our kids are involved in as well.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Yeah, but it’s definitely going to be gamer games. So yes, even though it’ll be fun and easy to play games, we’re talking about games like cartographers where you can print off your sheet and play along some brand new games like QB toes, and neither the ninja which haven’t even released yet, so you get an opportunity to see how those are played. And check them out a lot of different ways to just kind of be involved in the hype.

Dustin Staats 7:58
That’s super awesome. I love the interactivity with your convention. That’s one thing I noticed very, I mean, like right away, when I went to the tantrum con calm and I kind of looked at the Games you’re playing, you have a note where you can interact and play the long either just as a YouTube audience, or maybe actually in the zoom and play as well. So that’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 8:18
It’s maybe barely not too late. We also have a couple of contests going on, that people can be involved in. Even if they’re listening to this at the start of or the first day or so of tantrum con. One of them is just sharing the hashtag tantrum con 2021 we’re going to be doing a huge giveaway at the end of Friday. So if you’re listening to this early, just share that hashtag. And we’ve got this giant bundle of games from panda Saurus that we’re going to be giving away. And then the other one, this will take some quick thinking but it’s worth it. We’re doing one of our traditions is that we have a table flipping tournament every year at our tantrum con event. And literally three days of table for the big which is amazing to watch. And this year, since we can’t be doing it in person, we’re allowing people to submit videos of themselves doing it. And we’ve got huge prize bundles like $500 worth of cash and prizes that we’re giving away. And literally all you have to do is like turn your phone on, record yourself tossing the table in slow motion. And then we’ll have all the submissions will be available to be voted on on our Facebook page. And we’ll also put together this sweet rockin montage for you to watch with slow motion adverse effects and stuff during the show.

Dustin Staats 9:25
That’s super awesome. I have an idea for a table flipping but I no way I can pull it off

Unknown Speaker 9:31
right now.

Dustin Staats 9:33
It’s the trend where everything like freezes. There’s no way my editing skills are all there. So

Unknown Speaker 9:38
yeah, I’m just gonna use our imagination.

Dustin Staats 9:44
So as an attendee just Can you kind of share with us if I want to go to the YouTube and watch you what kind of experience might I expect as far as playing along with the game? You mentioned cartographers Do I need to kind of print off for cryptographers, you meant print something off, or is it something I can kind of like type into the chat or play with a pen and paper,

Unknown Speaker 10:05
it depends on which game is currently playing on the channel at the time. Some of the games like cartographers, they have a digital version. And we’ll have a link available. If you want to print out a page that you can play along with. At home, you just watch the screen, when the different cards come up, and you fill out your page or your digital device. However, that game goes through. There’s other games like blank slate, or hughson cues that you can play along at home just by watching and keep track of your own score as you go along. And then you can chat along with us as we play as well.

Unknown Speaker 10:44
And some of those like blank slate and monstrosity, their games where you’re going to be like drawing. So if you’re on the zoom, then you can actually, you know, draw your picture show, hold it up to the camera, show it on screen, we’ll all laugh at your sweet skills together. Or Yeah, you can just be involved by voting in the chat on the YouTube. We have, we do a lot of live shows like that, where we play videos. And we always love when the audience choose the song. And we’ll you know, give you guys shout outs by name and things like that. So it’s fun to just be able to interact. Even though we’re on camera, and you’re trading with us, we’ll have somebody actually chatting the whole time. And then also the people who are playing on screen will be able to see what the comments are. So a lot of times will react to suggested strategies that people toss out or will ask questions, you know, should I do this? Or should I do that and give the audience opportunity to kind of help us make decisions, which is always fun.

Dustin Staats 11:35
That’s super awesome. You mentioned monstrosity and using cues. Those are some games I played that I really enjoyed monstrosity we’ve been playing on our channel recently. And, and with our family, it’s a it’s a pretty, pretty entertaining game, I guess. Maybe top now.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
It’s hilarious. It is fun.

Dustin Staats 11:51
Cool. So before I let you guys go, and our listeners maybe leave this podcast to go to tantrum con. I know you both you mentioned your homeschool parents. And if they’re going to tantrum con, and someone as a parent is thinking about maybe using board games, either to teach something or just as a way to have family time, what might they get out of maybe going to a con like this virtually, and then can potentially bring back to their families? Well,

Unknown Speaker 12:19
I’ll let Sarah say a little bit about the teaching side, one of the things that I would say is, we are confident that if you come to our tantrum, our YouTube channel or a podcast or listen to any of our things, you won’t have to plug your kids ears, we keep everything. Totally family friendly. That’s just how we roll by nature. And so we always love to be able to create fun experiences. And I know sometimes it’s a little risky, depending on what you watch, especially if we’re gonna try to watch them live on YouTube. So shout out to that to people who are interested in subscribing to something that will give them lots of new fodder for their board game table, and will also be family friendly. I I’ll let Sarah answer a little bit about the convention. And then I’m sure she probably also has some suggestions on just some of our the games that we enjoy playing with our kids that do have some educational value, because those are highlights that hit our table quite often.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Yeah, first of all, I’d say, anytime you’re sitting down interacting with your kids using a board game, there is there is value in that there’s value in the social interaction, as well as just the process thinking processes that go beyond behind the scenes that kids don’t even realize they’re learning a lot of times. So we like to use plenty of board games in along with other curriculum that we’re using, and they can go hand in hand to help your child with their education. We do occasionally feature board games on our channel and there’ll be a couple that are more kid focused games that will come up during tantrum con that are some of the favorites that our kids have. And those would be ones that would definitely be great to check out with your family as you watch one.

Dustin Staats 14:01
Awesome, that’s really cool. And so again, we’ll insert thank you so much for coming on the show and chatting a little bit about tantrum con. I’m gonna leave it here because I’m gonna go finish this episode, and join you guys on the convention. Hopefully some of our listeners will be joining to

Unknown Speaker 14:17
excellent will be looking forward to seeing you guys make sure to give a shout out let us know where you if you join us on the YouTube or on the zoom. Let us know if you came from the podcast. That’d be awesome to hear.

Dustin Staats 14:27
Awesome. Thank you guys. Bye

Unknown Speaker 14:29

Dustin Staats 14:37
So Roger, we’re recording the day before tantrum con. And this episode is coming out this afternoon. So we might be if you’re listening this episode, you might be listening to this episode. an afternoon when tantrum con is happening as of right now or maybe you’re just listening to this episode later on and you want to kind of hear about the experience with tantrum con, and virtual conventions in general. So, there have been a lot of virtual conventions happening recently. And essentially, because the pandemic right and trying to coordinate these things is a very new venture and very, I think difficult thing to do, it seems like, but I’m excited for tangible con, because their events seem to be very engaging for the audience, you have a lot of different things going on. We just finished signing up for the bingo card, which is essentially a way to maybe win prizes. I know they’re giving away a lot of prizes this, this convention. But, Roger, what are you kind of looking forward to over this weekend? Well, I’m

Rodger Moore 15:45
just looking, I mean, there’s some question and answer a couple of those. Looks like a couple of the publishers are doing some demos. For some different games. One of them I’m gonna, I’m actually going to try and get I will definitely be involved with because I’m actually helping I’m, I demo for Gray Fox games, part of their Berserker, demo, team group, or whatever. So I’m going to be helping them with some stuff. I think that I don’t know, I’m still kind of, you know, winging it a little bit looking at what they’ve, you know, got going on and, but looks like they got a lot of cool stuff going on, you know, and look like a couple of these I might even participate in I mean, there’s like, there it looks like they’re doing a cartographers play along on Sunday. That might be kind of cool. They’re even doing they’re doing illustrations, that’s a good one. I’m going to be helping with title that’s going on Kickstarter, later this month, I think it’s the 23rd. It’s a ragnaroks. So it’s from the same designer that did Santorini. So it’s a two player, abstract game, kind of with a Viking theme. But real similar, where you’re, you know, moving pieces, it’s kind of like the designer, it’s kind of based off of a variant of Brazilian chess, that the designer tweaked and stuff that he found years ago, it’s really good. And it’s got the same thing we got like these GOD Power cards, you can incorporate, you can play the simple game, it’s super easy to learn. I mean, learn the game in like, a couple of minutes. And it plays really fast, like a 10 minute game, but it’s actually there’s a lot of depth there. So it’s kind of abstract games I really enjoy.

Dustin Staats 17:31
Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s something that is really cool about tantrum con. This time in most conventions, virtual conventions, do publisher demos of new games are just staples of what are good games from there. Right, right. And right, what I’ll be doing is last life that you’ve been kind of wringing about that? Yo, yeah,

Rodger Moore 17:54
that that is another one Gray Fox games is going to be launching. It’s from Roy Canada, the dice tower that games are made,

Dustin Staats 18:02
right. And that’s so that’s on Saturday. So if anyone’s listening, you and you’re getting this episode on Friday, you might still be able to find a slot to sign up that is very early for me,

Rodger Moore 18:14
that game is like, I am chomping at the bit for that I played it three or four times now. And I cannot wait until they get it kind of get that thing into our hands. It’s probably the most exciting games I’ve been excited for in years. I mean, it is that good. And I think it’s going to appeal to you know, people that may not be into that type of game. I mean, I could give a little quick overview of it, but it’s basically a forex space game. And I know some people don’t like that. But this one’s really interesting because it’s all simultaneous actions, meaning everybody picks a card, like something they’re going to do, like I don’t know, move their ships or mine or get technologies and you all do it at the same time. So the game has an any downtime, and it’s got tons of player interaction, and the board actually moves.

Dustin Staats 19:10
Yeah, I’m excited for that one. It’s it’s an early one for me. I think 7am is, is the if I have the timezone correct. Awesome. That’s so that’s just one of several games. And one thing I had mentioned at the beginning of this episode, and what I’m excited for, and I’ll talk about a few on here, what their schedule is that they’re doing games that are interactive with the audience, and that’s really, really going to be useful for any teachers because you’re going to see some games and game mechanics that can be used with your students virtually, for example, monstrosity, something we played on the show. They have another one night ultimate werewolf game, so I’m excited to kind of participate in that virtually and see how that works. I’ve played werewolf. I know werewolf would work virtually but I’m curious to see how they do the one night. Other games like queues and queues,

Unknown Speaker 19:59
right? Yeah.

Dustin Staats 19:59
They’re doing that was gonna mention that one. Yeah. And then parks which is play along, so I’m curious how they run parks as a play along codenames. That’s one that we’ve played online as well. Um, there’s just really a lot of games that engage the audience that I think will be very useful to see. Maybe some games that might appeal to teachers teaching virtually, that they might want to do as like a class culture. Exercise or some way to build relationships with students.

Unknown Speaker 20:28

Rodger Moore 20:29
They’re doing parks. I’m trying to look for that on the Yeah, it

Dustin Staats 20:32
looks like 550. Eastern Time. Friday, so hopefully we get this podcast on it before.

Unknown Speaker 20:38
Oh, yeah, you’re right.

Rodger Moore 20:40
Oh, all right. Yeah. Part interesting. Oh, it looks like there. It’s the they’re adding in the an expansion. It looks like yeah, I’m interested to see how they’re gonna do that, too.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Have you played that before?

Dustin Staats 20:51
I played parks? Yeah, yeah. I really like parks. Yeah, we’re getting that in our store soon, too. So I’m excited to get that added. That’s a good one. All right. So that’s, that’s tangent con. I’m excited to kind of join, and Roger and I won’t be around all throughout the weekend, I’ll be I’ll be playing some games, at least a few. And I’ll be in the zoom crew. So that’s something Roger and I were chatting about what that is exactly. So you can join tandem Khan just by going to the YouTube channel. And you can watch and there’s some things in ways to participate and play along with. But if you want some extra ways to engage in the show, one thing is to do, one thing you can do is join the zoom crew. That’s a way to kind of participate behind the scenes. And then also, we mentioned those publisher demos. So there’s a lot of different publishers, and demos. And that’s part of the schedule that also will be available in our show notes. So Alright, so Roger, I’ll see you. I’ll see you at the show.

Rodger Moore 21:44
Okay, sounds good. Dustin, right.

Dustin Staats 21:56
All right. So it is Friday, it’s 9:20am. tantrum con starts at 10am. So I had a chance to jump into the YouTube channel and chat with some people that were already waiting for the con start, they’re already excited to play some games, we chatted a little bit about monstrosity. It was really, really cool to hear someone who received monstrosity from us. So I was really, that was really neat to hear that they received it for Christmas are able to play it with their their families. So that was that was really cool to be able to chat about that. Also, another highlight was we got a chance to chat with Kirk. So Kirk is joining from Taiwan. It’s kind of late there for him. So I think he mentioned he’ll be checking in throughout the weekend, though. So I don’t know. I don’t know if he’ll be he’ll be joining the entire weekend. So it’s really cool to chat with him very briefly as well. It’s also cool to chat about some games that people are playing someone mentioned Canvas, which is a kind of an art based card, drafting that card drafting card. crafting a card crafting game. So card drafting is by selecting cards and adding them to whether it’s your deck or your tableau, tableau, where card crafting, you’re combining cards together based on transparent cards. So eventually, you layer different transparent cards on top of each other and you build the canvas. So really clean. So really neat idea, I’m kind of excited to check this game out more and maybe potentially add it to our store in the future. All right, so actually, let’s let’s listen to the first very initial. So let’s actually listen to the very beginning of tantrum house welcoming. So let’s listen to the very beginning of tantrum house welcoming us to there. So let’s listen to the very beginning of so let’s listen to tantrum house will welcoming us to the convention. And then I’m going to just sign off here at the end and let you know one more time where you can find us and play with us this weekend. So let’s go to the convention. We’re gonna kind of hear some audio from behind the scenes in the Zoom Room and then we’re gonna listen to tantrum con. welcome us to the convention. And then we’re gonna just get off the podcast and go participate in the convention. I hope to see you there. Again, check out game based learning gamification and games and education, our Facebook group. I will be posting on there on where you can find me throughout the weekend. All right, everybody. We’re almost ready to get started by the

Unknown Speaker 24:51
very beginning. Thanks for joining us. Don’t tell him all the secrets. Don’t tell him all the secrets in the background. This is the back behind the scenes. This

Unknown Speaker 24:59
is All right. All right. Are you ready to go live? I’m gonna need some a bunch of waves. I’m gonna say Hi, you guys admit, and I’ll give you like a turn to one. And they will be ready to go. Oh, well,

Unknown Speaker 25:42
thank you guys so much for joining us. I can’t even express how thrilled I am that the start of teacher con begins. Now we’ve got some games out on the table. We’re going to be playing these throughout the course of the day, if you want to check out let me just give you the rundown some of the big idea pictures so that you know what to do as part of the show. All right, I think we got audio I think we’re alive. I think I’ve got an amazing audience of people behind me. You guys are incredibly intelligent and attractive. Let me say thank you so much for joining us for the show. I am thrilled that you’re gonna be able to jump into our first couple things right away. Follow the instructions we just gave you go ahead and check out the schedule, check out the zoo. We’re gonna play our first game, I think right now. So here’s what you need you go to Kahoot dot.

Dustin Staats 26:39
Again, join us this weekend at tantrum con, you can find out what I’m up to this weekend at the convention game based learning gamification and board games and education. They already gave away a bunch of games, they already started playing a game a Kahoot that a lot of teachers are very familiar with. You can hear I’m watching and playing the code right now. And they just finished up the Kahoot. So again, join us tantrum Calm, calm and I hope to see you there.

Board Gaming with Education 27:08
Thank you for listening in this week. If you liked what you heard, be sure to let us know you can find us on social media as Board Gaming with Education or big games or email us at podcast at Board Gaming with education.com. If you want to support our podcast, be sure to check out our support page on our website. As always teach better learn more and most importantly, play more. Thank you for listening and until next time

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