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Episode 35: Taipei Game Show- Games and Learning

Episode Overview

In our first episode of Season 5 of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin heads to the Taipei Game Show in Taipei, Taiwan. We explore the Board Game Wonderland side of the convention. The first year Taipei Game Show has devoted a specific space just for board games. Dustin takes an educational approach to the show and asks designers, gamers, and publishers how games and learning can work so well together. Listen in to hear some unique perspectives on how games have helped people learn.

Read more about the episode and take a look at the games they talk about in this episode below.

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Episode Topics

Amped Up Learning- 1:00

Let’s welcome Amped Up Learning to the Board Gaming with Education community. Were are very happy to have Amped Up Learning sponsor our show for Season 5!

AmpedUplLearning, a teacher owned company, that strives to make
learning fun, engaging and competitive with their unique games and
teacher-created lessons.

Check out their game FRECK!- A new tabletop card game AND classroom resource aimed at teaching your students key social studies vocabulary in an engaging, competitive & creative way. Easy-to-learn game steps, quick-hitting clues & dynamic gameplay make FRECK! a must-have for every history classroom.

Werewords Winner- 2:30

Congratulations to Vincent for winning our giveaway for season 4! Were words is a great social deduction, guessing game that combines the game of Werewolf with 20 questions. Check it out and listen to our episode about the game!

Taipei Game Show- 3:40

In this episode we explore the Taipei Game Show. We had a lot of fun at the event and met a lot of publishers, game designers, and gamers. If you are curious about what an international gaming event feels like in Asia, be sure to listen in to our interviews and experience at the show. We challenged our interview guests by asking them about games and learning. See what they have to say!

Introduction to Our New Hosts

I briefly introduce our new hosts, Grace, Jay, and Spencer. You will hear a lot from them during Season 5, and each of them will contribute to the podcast in their own unique way.

Grace: My wife and current high school teacher will be on the show during our Gamification Diary Episodes. We will discuss implementing a gamification system into the class.

Jay: Well equipped with board game hobby knowledge, Jay is the go to guy when you need to know most things related to the hobby. Jay runs an Asian review site called, Cardboard East.

Spencer: Spencer specializes in RPGs. He has created his own RPG system. He also runs a vegan restaurant in Taipie called, Ooh Cha Cha. You will not hear from Spencer this episode, but he will be around often for Season 5.

Meet Grace (Board Gamer and Teacher)- 6:12

Grace and Dustin both talk about their initial experience at the Taipei Game Show. They talk a little bit about their plan for the Taipei Game Show and the plan for the episode.

Meet Daryl (Singapore Game Makers and Origame)- 8:20

Daryl is located in Singapore and he is determined to get Singapore on the board game map! I sat down and played his game “Overbooked.” A very clever commentary on our modern airline industry. I love when art imitates life, and I feel this game helps the player ask some questions about our capitalistic society. Daryl has been making games for a long time and recently relocated back to Singapore from Canada. Be sure to listen and to what he has to say about Singapore board games and his thoughts on games and learning.

Overbooked by Daryl Chow from Origame.

Grace- 11:30

Grace joins the episode again and discusses her views on gaming. She has learned games are great for helping her be more conscious about interrupting and waiting her turn to speak.

Meet Jay (Cardboard East)- 13:57

Jay and Dustin meet for the first time in the Board Game Wonderland. They had an opportunity to check out the first hall with most of the digital games. They talk about the differences between the two halls, and how much more they feel at home surrounded by analog games. Jay also shares his perspective on games and learning. Listen it!

Meet Winnie (EmperorS4 Games)- 21:54

Winnie from EmperorS4 Games talks with Board Gaming with Education about her experience learning to prioritize because of what strategy games have taught her. She also makes a special announcement about a game coming soon from EmperorS4. Be sure to listen in to hear what she has to say!

Jay’s Back!- 24:40 (feat. the ghost of Moaideas)

It is the last day of the show! Jay and Dustin discuss their experience so far at the Taipei Game Show. They both share their favorite game they played.

Dustin’s Favorite: Strange Vending Machine

Srange Vending Machine by SoSo Games

Jay’s Favorite: Soulaween

Eric Lang Q&A sponsored by Taiwan Board Game Design.

Dylan Coyle (Game Designer)- 29:45

Dylan joins the episode and shares a really cool experience teaching non-conflict resolution in San Francisco. Dylan is originally from San Francisco, but has lived and taught many places including Korea and China. He has taught some game design courses as well! Tune it to hear what he has to say!

Smoox (Taiwan Board Game Design)- 37:58

Smoox from Taiwan Board Game Design stops by to chat with Board Gaming with Education. He is THE person to know in Taiwan when it comes to game design and the board game hobby. Be sure to listen in to hear what he has to say about the board game hobby in Taiwan and his experience learning from the game Evolution.

Taipei Game Show Recap- 42:42

We are back in the studio to briefly talk about our experience at the Taipei Game Show. Dustin shares a couple of games he picked up from the show that he feels will be really helpful in his English language lessons. Be sure to listen in to hear about his final thoughts about the show.

Games from the Episode

Throughout the episode several games are mentioned. If any of these games sound like something you might enjoy playing yourself or in your class, you can help support our podcast by purchasing these games through our Amazon affiliate links. We will earn a small commission at no expense to you. Check out the games below:

Overbooked- learn more from Toy Tag

Walking in Burano- find it at EmperorS4 Games

Ca$h ‘N Guns

Mysteries of the Temple

Discovery: The Era of Voyage- find it at EmperorS4 Games


Polar Bear Rescue

Key Forge

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