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Support Us!

First off, if you are on this page, thank you! Thank you for supporting us simply by listening to the show.

If you feel our show “Board Gaming with Education” has been insightful, impactful, contributed to your life in any way, or you want to say, “keep doing what you’re doing,” then please consider supporting our podcast by doing one of the following:


Become a Patron!

Becoming a Patron of the Board Gaming with Education Community is the best way to support the show. If you want to support us in other ways, we really appreciate that as well! We have “Free Support” (absolutely zero cost to you), “Nothing More, Nothing Less” (if you plan on purchasing a product on Amazon it helps support our show), and “Paid Support” (support our show through purchasing our products or services).

Free Support

Option 1: Reviews

Please leave us a review on any of the podcasting platforms you use, especially iTunes. The myth is that iTunes reviews help new listeners discover the show.

Join us in our Online Communities!




The Tundra (coming soon)

Option 2: Share our show

Please share our show, and at the same time let us know what you like about it. This helps us tremendously to gauge what our listeners enjoy, and helps us to continue to bring to you what you like!

Nothing More, Nothing Less

This level of support includes doing something you may already be doing!

Option 1: Amazon Purchases

Anything you purchase through our website from Amazon provides us with a small monetary amount to help keep the show going. This is at no additional cost to you. Simply purchase a product, or any product from Amazon after clicking on one of our Amazon links on our website.

Paid Support

Option 1: Patreon

Become a Patron!

What is Patreon? You contribute a pledge each month to support Board Gaming with Education. At some pledge levels, you will receive added benefits.

Option 2: PayPal Contribution

Help keep us going! If you like what we are doing and want to help support the cause, you can give through PayPal. The amount is up to you, and any amount helps!

Option 3: Additional Paid Resources

Coming soon! We are working on putting together some resources that you can use in your classroom. Some are free resources and we will also provide additional premium resources.