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Dustin and Grace go to Strategicon! – 86

Episode Overview

Dustin and Grace visit Strategicon, a board game convention near LAX in Los Angeles. Listen in to the show to hear about their experience, what they think about the convention, and hear about some of the games they played! The convention happens three times a year. If you have the chance, be sure to attend, and let us know if you do!

Website: https://www.strategicon.net/

Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their song “Work It” for our Board Game Convention Segment. This song can be found in full on this music archive.

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Day 1 – 2:05

Dustin and Grace check out their first Strategicon convention. They talk about what they’re looking forward to playing at the convention. Dustin debriefs Grace on some expectations for her first US-based board game convention.

Day 2 – 6:10

Dustin and Grace recap Day 1. They played a lot of games! Listen in to hear them chat about the games they played, the people they met, and the overall atmosphere of Strategicon.

Wrap-Up – 8:50

It is later in the week. Dustin and Grace talked about their overall experience with Strategicon. If you have the chance, they highly recommend attending a Strategicon event in Los Angeles.

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