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Season 2 Preview – 009

Season 2: Using Games in Education!

Episode Overview

Rich and Dustin talk about what they’ve heard from the community and preview what to expect for season 2, including “Teacher Edition” and “Learner Edition” Episodes. For Season 2, we want to explore various topics related to games in education. Read more about Season 2 below.
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Season 2

We are really excited for this season because we are taking a very different approach. This is based on feedback and from you, our listeners. We have a lot of teachers (both native English speakers and non-native English speakers) who listen to the podcast as well as students. We really want to create a community with our audience and we also want to explore gamification more. So, we decided to create “Teacher Edition” episodes. We also want to continue to cater to learners as well, so we will have “Learner Edition” episodes. So what are “Teacher Edition” and “Learner Edition” episodes?

“Teacher Edition” Episodes

We think these episodes will be quite exciting for teachers and educators to listen to. They are very different from the first season because they will be much faster paced and explore various topics centered around innovative teaching techniques to help their students learn, systematic impacts of gamifying education and how board games can help anyone learn a second language and connect culturally, as well as other various topics.

We are really excited to have some great guests and experts on the show as well. Our guests will come from various background and industries, from teachers to learners to educators to board game enthusiasts to professionals in the board game industry. By exploring these different aspects of games and learning we feel we can help our audience develop and consider what helps our students and anyone learning a language learns best.

“Learner Edition” Episodes

The “Learner Edition” episodes will be just like all of the episodes from Season 1. You will be able to find some keywords, some vocabulary, some fun ways to learn English, and ways to improve grammar techniques, and a great way overall to improve your English. Each episode will also include resources for learners to help you practice and improve your English.

Other Changes

Events! We plan to host Board Gaming with English Events in Taiwan.

Listener Participation! We would love to have more listeners engage with us and our podcast. We will plan to implement various activities to help improve learner, teacher, and listener engagement. Stay tuned!

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