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Meet Rich!

Rich comes from a family of educators and teaching has always been part of his career goals. He has studied Education and History in his undergrad with a minor in Economics. After graduation is when his interests of traveling and education came together. His first stop was Istanbul, Turkey. This was Rich’s first major experience abroad. He met interesting individuals who came from all around the world and helped create his outlook and career path for years to come.

Rich grew up north of New York City, close enough to have the benefits of the big city life, but far enough to have the intimacy of a small town. Education has always been in his life, his mother owned a daycare and was an elementary school teacher, his sister is a marketing professor at a university, and his aunt is a principal at a middle school. He was destined for a career in education as well.

When Rich finished his two years teaching English in Istanbul, he moved back to the states and was a residence director for international students in Boston. Interacting and befriending some of the students encouraged Rich to travel and teach abroad again. He enrolled for his Master’s Degree which required research in mainland China. After China, he was fortunate enough to meet an educator opening a new international school in Tokyo. Rich was there for 3 years and rose to be the Head of Academics and Deputy Head Teacher. He was grateful to be in this position so he could share his experience and passion with other teachers.

Following his three years in Japan, Rich found an opportunity in Taiwan as a Social Studies teacher at a bilingual school. Rich and Dustin have talked about starting a podcast that could help students and teachers in the past, but now since they both lived in the same city, the possibilities have started to become a reality.

Those of you in Taiwan might catch Rich shooting some hoops downtown, helping his students plan for some events, exploring the city, and of course, finding new ways to spread the word of “Board Gaming with English.”