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This page includes resources for you to check out. We cannot speak more highly of these resources. This resources page is broken into various sections. Some links are affiliate links which provide a small monetary fund to us, at no cost to you, to help us continue to provide you with the best information related to games and learning.

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Key Resources from Board Gaming with Education

Book- Amazing books to get started with games for learning

Podcasts- Amazing podcasts to get started with games and games for learning

Other Experts in the field

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5 Ways to Build Culture in Your Classroom with Games through Distance Learning

With the pandemic causing many schools to shift to distance learning. Dustin talks about different gamification, game-based learning, and other gaming techniques you can use for your distance learning/remote learning/at-home learning.

What is Game-Based Learning?

Dustin answers the questions: What is game-based learning? He looks at the definition of game-based learning, gives examples of GBL, and looks at the difference between GBL and gamification.

Why Should We Use Game-Based Learning in Our Teaching Practice?

Dustin gives five reasons why game-based learning is great to use as a part of your teaching practice and why it is important to implement in various educational contexts.

Game-Based Lesson Development Course

Learn why game-based learning is great for engagement and how to apply it to one of your lessons for next year and after!

Recommended Books

“Are you ready to transform your classroom into an experiential work that flourishes on collaboration and creativity? Then set sail with classroom game designer and educator Michael Matera as he reveals the possibilities and power of game-based learning. In Explore Like a PIRATE, Matera serves as your experienced guide to help you apply the most motivational techniques of gameplay to your classroom using strategies that work with and enhance (rather than replace) your current curriculum.

Part one debunks common myths and fears about gamification and explains why and how game-based learning effectively engages students in any subject or grade level. Part two focuses on how you can empower students to take control of their learning. You’ll also learn all about the different kinds of players in your classroom – and how to inspire them to set and achieve big goals. Part three is an all-in-one treasure chest, tool box, and field guide.

Packed with ideas and examples that can be applied or adapted to any classroom – from badges and points, to mini-games and yearlong adventures – this is a resource you’ll return to again and again.”

“Discover how to engage your students and raise their grades and attendance in your classroom. THE MULTIPLAYER CLASSROOM: DESIGNING COURSEWORK AS A GAME is your detailed guide to designing any structured learning experience as a game. Written for professional educators or those learning to be educators, here are the tools to engage and excite students by using principles learned in the development of popular video games.

Suitable for use in the classroom or the boardroom, the book features a reader-friendly style that introduces game concepts and vocabulary in a logical way. You don’t need any experience making games or even playing games to use this book. Yet, you will learn how to create multiplayer games for any age on any subject. Bring your classroom into the 21st century!”


Remember to Check out Our Podcast: Board Gaming with Education

Here is our curated list of other great games for learning, board game, and design podcasts:

The Professor Game Podcast

Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and inspiration to make learning experiences meaningful.” (professorgame.com)

Game Level Learn

“We aim to contribute to the conversation about educational change by making the case for playful, game-based and gamified learning. Our intention is to provide tools and knowledge to anyone who shares this mission.” (gamelevellearn.com)

Other Experts in the Game-Based Education Field

Dave Eng from UniversityXP

Dave Eng, EdD is an intellectual and creative educator, designer, and researcher who combines games, theory, and technology.  He has extensive higher education experience working in both the administration and the faculty. Dave is a prolific speaker and presenter making appearances at over 20 different academic and professional conferences. Dave serves as a faculty member & educational technologist at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. Dave hosts the podcast Experience Points and consults at University XP on games-based learning. His interests include professional development, learning theory, technology, and games. Find out more at www.davengdesign.com

Kathleen Mercury