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The Resistance – 007

The Resistance: an English game with a secret role!

Episode Overview

In this episode of “Board Gaming with English” Dustin and Rich talk about the tabletop game called “The Resistance.” The game is another secret role game. If you are a part of the resistance you want to have a successful mission and want to find out who the spies are. If you are a spy, you want to have a failed mission. Your goal is to end the resistance! This is another great game for working on fluency and taking time to give your opinion. It also has some basic grammar structures that you can review as well.
Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!
Thank you to Indie Boards and Games for their wonderful contribution to the board game and tabletop community by making an enjoyable and educational game.
Thank you to Joshua Empyre for the “Victory Music” in our “Keywords” segment.
Thank you to ZapSplat for the sound effects in this episode (Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com)

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(Transcript coming soon- support our podcast and email us a transcript of episode 4)

Where Can You Play The Resistance?

You can purchase “The Resistance” by Indie Boards and Games through our Amazon affiliate link:

We recommend the Expansion: Avalon! It includes additional roles.

 Listener Objective (Learner + Lecture)

If you are a student studying English, after listening to this episode you will be able to…

  • …know and use phrases needed to play the game.

  • …learn some basic grammar structures and verb conjugations (verb changes).

  • …learn how some forms of words can change from a verb to a noun.

This is a great game for learning a few vocabulary words related to the game. Be sure to take a look at our PDF to practice recognizing verbs and nouns! More PDFs coming soon!

Let’s take a look at the dialogue from the example in the episode:

Dustin: Alright, Rich you are the leader. We need this mission to be a success.

Rich: No problem, we got this! I will choose two people to go on the mission. We need everyone to approve this mission. No one reject it!

Dustin: Alright, everyone turn in your votes.

Rich: Perfect! We got enough approvals!

Dustin: Now, the two people on the mission need to succeed.

Rich: Let’s see what happens…

Dustin: One, success… and one fail!

Rich: Oh, no! Who’s the spy? One of you is not part of the resistance.

 Listener Objective (Teacher + Resources)

If you are a teacher teaching English, after listening to this episode you will be able to…

  • …teach and use a fun, interactive, game to engage your students in the classroom.

  • …teach the vocabulary words based on the words in the game.

  • …help students learn some basic grammar structures.

This is another great game for giving your opinion. Also, be sure to check out our PDF as a resource to give your students to practice recognizing word forms based on the game. More PDFs coming soon!



You can check out Indie Boards and Games for a more detailed explanation.

Download the transcript of our episode here.

(Transcript coming soon- support our podcast and email us a transcript of episode 4)

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