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The sessions will run from March 23, 2020 to March 30, 2020. Dustin from Board Gaming with Education will host live sessions, co-host other live sessions with podcasters, host live games for the community, and release limited time access to free resources.

What is Remote Adventure?

With hundreds of millions of students not attending schools worldwide because of the coronavirus, learning needs to remain a top prority for our children. As educators and parents, we need to think outside the box and develop creative opportunities for learning formally and informally in our homes. Games are a great way to keep learners engaged. Our game-based resources and live sessions are more important than ever before.

Under our current circumstances, these sessions and resources will pay special attention to remote and online learning. By signing up, you will receive: a schedule of live sessions, notifications of guest appearances, opportunities to join in on live playthroughs of games, and limited time access to free resources such as lesson plans.

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