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  • Here we have an advertising agency with a problem. To hear the CEO tell it, the fault lies with his “idiotic advertising execs”. But the more immediate problem facing the firm is the fact that he has just fired them all! Even witnesses down on 4th Street could hear his rage-fueled tirade that he ended with “I COULD REPLACE YOU MORONS WITH GORILLAS AND GET BETTER RESULTS!!!” Cut to a month later, and his solution was exactly that. The old grouch replaced all of his employees with a bunch of primates: you and your opponents. This is the glamorous life of 1960s advertising execs.


    Gorilla Marketing is a party game of naming ridiculous products, movies, companies, bands, college courses, or food trucks! It is played over two rounds: In round 1, you name the thing, and in round 2, you write the advertising tag line for it.


    • Hilarious and creative game for a large group
    • Doesn’t require a table to play
    • Beautiful art and production
    • The 6 theme packs, and hundreds of categories and awards provide huge replayability
    • Monkey puns

    Players: 3 – 8

    Time: 20 – 40 minutes

    Age: 8+

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