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  • Rodger recommends using Ecosystem as a means of introducing ecology in biology or life science. It allows students to see how a basic ecosystem functions on a simple level along with letting them see some basic interactions such as food chains and food webs. Gameplay and rules are simple to get you off and running!
    -Rodger, Retired Science Teacher


    Build your own ecological network in this biologically-derived card drafting game. Choose, pass, and arrange 11 different card types consisting of organisms ranging from bees to bears and environments like streams and meadows. Earn points by aligning animals with habitats where they most flourish. Biodiversity is rewarded while monocultures are penalized. Each time you play, you build a one-of-a-kind ecosystem, striving to balance the delicate connections between all living things.


    Players: 2-6

    Time: 15 to 20 minutes

    Age: 14+


    “The ecosphere of this whole game is simply brilliant!” -Sara Meadows, Tantrum House


    See the Ideas for Using Ecosystem in Class (PDF) below for more details about the number of players for your learning environment, length of time for various activities, and appropriate grade-level activities.


    Downloadable Resources Included after purchasing Ecosystem!

    Classroom Resources:

    • Ecosystem – Teacher Guide: Game Set Up & Gameplay Groups/Stations Activity (PDF)
    • Ecosystem – Student Handout: Game Set Up & Gameplay Groups/Stations Activity (PDF)
    • Ecosystem – How-to-Play (PowerPoint)
    • Ecosystem – Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Ecosystem – Vocabulary Matrix (PDF)
    • All of our games resources include our “Let the Dice Roll” Supplemental Questions Activity (PDF)

    Homeschool Resources

    • Ecosystem – At-Home Learning Guide (PDF)
    • Some materials included in the classroom resources can also be used for at-home learning


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  • MonsDRAWsity


    Those pesky monsters are at it again, and one of them’s been spotted nearby! As a paranormal investigator, it’s your job to sketch out this newest anomaly based on your witness’s description, but be careful… they didn’t get a good look, and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks!

    – Each round plays in less than three minutes
    – A constant source of giggles and friendly competition
    – Filled with awesome monsters designed by today’s top artists

    Players: 3-8

    Time: 20 minutes

    Age: 8+

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