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  • Rodger recommends Chemistry Fluxx as a way to keep students review chemistry content if one has downtime in class. The game is simple and can help students stay connected with the content in a more “hands on’ and fun way!
    Rodger, Retired Science Teacher


    Chemistry Fluxx is the elemental card game where the rules are always changing. Use atoms and laboratory gear to match the current Goal and win! Chemistry Fluxx is the perfect compound of chance and skill, where you’ll not only be playing with elements and molecules, but you’ll also be learning about them! Chemistry Fluxx is so much fun you’ll be playing it more than periodically.

    • Learn how elements combine and interact as you try to match the current Goal and win
    • Great game for groups of mixed ages – kids and adults can both play and remain competitive

    Players: 2-6

    Time: 5 to 30 minutes

    Age: 8+


    Browse-Before-You-Buy EduGamer Resources!

    Downloadable Resources Included after purchasing Chemistry Fluxx! 

    Classroom Resources:

    • Chemistry Fluxx – Teacher Guide: Game Set Up & Gameplay Groups/Stations Activity (PDF)
    • Chemistry Fluxx – Comprehension Handout (PDF)
    • Chemistry Fluxx – Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Chemistry Fluxx – Vocabulary Matrix (PDF)
    • Chemistry Fluxx – Create Your Own Cards Activity (PDF)
    • All of our games resources include our “Let the Dice Roll” Supplemental Questions Activity (PDF)

    Homeschool Resources

    • Chemistry Fluxx – At-Home Learning Guide (PDF)
    • Some materials included in the classroom resources can also be used for at-home learning

    *Resources available in other formats including Microsoft Word upon request.

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