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  • Your child will be reading their first book in just one week!


    The Reading Game includes six beautifully illustrated storybooks, six decks of matching playing cards, and a Teacher and Parent’s Guide.


    Players: 2+

    Time: 10 minutes

    Age: 4+


    • Your child can be reading in a week with “The Reading Game”.
    • It starts with a simple fast action-memory card game that teaches five words at a time.
    • Picture flashcards reinforce words learned through gameplay with simple phrases and introduce capitalization and punctuation.
    • Each of the content rich stories is told using only the 30 words learned through game play.
    • This staged learning format ensures success and no frustration – and builds confidence and enjoyment in reading!
    • On completing the series, the student has a reading vocabulary of 180 words, many of them Dolch and High Frequency words and will have successfully read six storybooks all on their own.
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