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Computational Thinking and Programming with Potato Pirates feat. Aditya Batura – 82

Episode Overview

  • Episode Topics and Interviews
    • Update from Board Gaming with Education- special release episode – 00:15
    • Who is Aditya Batura? – 1:30
    • Codomo, an Educational Technology Company – 3:33
    • The Difference Between Learning and Education – 8:17
    • Aditya’s Journey into Game Design – 12:00
    • Potatoes Teach Us Computational Thinking! – 16:19
    • Enter the Spudnet – 29:48
    • Last Words of Advice: Context Matters! – 32:19
    • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Rapid Fire Round – 35:05

In this special release episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin interviews Aditya Batura the CEO of the Singapore-based education technology startup, Codomo. The two discuss Codomo’s recently developed tabletop educational card game, Potato Pirates 2: Enter the Spudnet, that is currently live on Kickstarter. Aditya shares how he arrived at his current career as an educational game designer, the evolution of his company, and his history as a gamer. We learn about Aditya’s introduction to computer programming and he shares his opinions on education and the enjoyment we get from learning. Back Potato Pirates on Kickstarter now: https://potato-pirates-2-enter-the.kckb.st/e14194eb (affiliate link)

Website: https://www.potatopirates.game/enter-the-spudnet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potatopiratesgame/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/potato.pirates/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ohpotatopirates

Email: ahoy@potatopirates.game / aditya@codomo.com.sg

Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their song “Retro Gamer” for our Interview Segment. This song can be found in full on this music archive. Also, thank you to Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) for his creative commons 4.0 contribution of “Getting it Done.”

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Updates from Board Gaming with Education – 00:15

We are planning to release extra episodes about once or twice a month related to games that you can find on Kickstarter right now! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows you a founding member of a new project. You can help support the project “Potato Pirates: Enter the Spudnet” and also help support our show by checking out their game currently on Kickstarter. We receive a small commission at no cost to you to help keep our podcast and Board Gaming with Education community running.

Who is Aditya Batura? – 1:30

We meet Aditya Batura the CEO of Codomo, developer of the card game Potato Pirates, heavy metal musician, and avid Jujitsu martial artist.

Aditya is the Co-founder and CEO of Codomo, an education technology company with a mission to deliver delightful and future-ready learning experiences through design and technology.

Although formally a computer science engineer, Aditya prefers to describe himself as a growth hacker – connecting lean product development strategies with data-driven and unorthodox marketing strategies in order to supercharge growth.

Under Aditya’s leadership, Codomo’s first product; Potato Pirates has gone on to be the most backed gaming project from Singapore on Kickstarter – raising over a quarter million dollars with over 5,000 backers. Potato Pirates has gone on to win the Singapore Good Design Award 2018, Japan Good Design Award 2018 and the Core77 Design Awards (Education Category) 2018. Along with features on large publications such as Forbes, Smithsonian, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Mashable amongst others, Potato 

Pirates is now distributed worldwide by American game publisher Thinkfun.

Codomo’s follow up game, Potato Pirates: Enter The Spudnet is live on Kickstarer now and is over 1300% funded with still a week to go.

Codomo, an Educational Technology Company – 3:33

What started as an educational technology company to teach 21st-century skills, Codomo turned to gamification and the development of educational products.

The Different Between Learning and Education – 8:17

Aditya describes the major distinctions of Education and Learning and the importance of maintaining a desire to learn.

Aditya’s Journey into Game Design – 12:00

Dustin asks Aditya his history of gaming. Aditya explains how his creative spirit led him to become a game designer as well as encouraging many other aspects of his life.

Potatoes Teach Us Computational Thinking! – 16:19

Aditya gets into the process of creating his games Potato Pirates to help educate and inspire an interest in coding, syntax, and computer systems.

Enter the Spudnet – 29:48

Potato Pirates 2: Enter the Spudnet is a card game that visualizes and represents how data travels on the internet. The game teaches cyber security basics and internet safety.

Last Words of Advice: Context Matters! – 32:19

Aditya states that context is the most important to helping children or other students get into coding and understanding computational thinking. He also talks about using Python as a programming language and how his company helps support learning coding.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Rapid Fire Round – 35:05

Dustin challenges Aditya with some rapid-fire statements to see his unsolicited opinions on them. Be sure to tune in to hear his answers!

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