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We’re launching March 1st!

We are super pumped to launch our first 3 episodes (plus Episode 0) on March 1st. That’s not all! We will also host a podcast launch party on Saturday, March 3rd in Taipei, Taiwan. Listen to a preview of our first season now!


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 What is our podcast?

Our podcast uses tabletop games to help English learners improve their English. This is a great podcast for both English learners and teachers.

The podcast uses creative ways to help students learn different grammar points, vocabulary, and key phrases from a variety of different games. You can listen to our podcast, improve your English, and learn to play board games such as “Werewolf”, “Code Names,” “Bohnanza,” and many more!

We plan each podcast episode similar to how we plan our lessons for class. Each episode will start with a fun warm-up and then continue into an explanation of the game. Each episode will also contain key phrases and vocabulary needed to play the game. Most episodes will then include a lecture about various English grammar points.

Why should you listen to our podcast?

If you are a learner: Learning another language is challenging, so it should be fun, not boring! Our podcast helps you improve your English in a fun way, with board games. Each episode you will learn some key phrases and vocabulary needed to play the game. In most episodes, you will also learn a new grammar technique. We recommend you listen to the episode first then play the game. You can also refer to the show notes for each episode for additional help.

If you are a teacher: The podcast can be used as supplemental material to what you are currently teaching in your class. We highly recommend checking out the show notes to each episode. These blog posts will contain other supplemental material for your lessons as well. As more episodes are added, they will be categorized based on different English lessons.

Who is Rich?

Rich is a career teacher from the US. He has been teaching internationally throughout his adult career. He loves playing board games, especially games where he can meet (and argue) with a bunch of people. He’s always down to stay out a new game and would love to hear for some suggestions!

Who is Dustin?

Dustin is an English Language Instructor in Taiwan. He has over seven years of experience in education and has taught English both, abroad and domestically. He loves playing board games and uses any excuse to introduce them into his teaching.

What can I do before the podcast is released?

  • Sign-up for our email list (above and below)

  • Check out and like our Facebook Page

  • Join us in Taipei, Taiwan March 3rd at our Launch Party! (Check back soon for more details)

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