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Geek Discussion: Introduction to Kickstarter as a Hobby Board Gamer- 56

Episode Overview

In this “Geek Discussion” Episode of Season 6 of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin brings on Jay and Spencer to talk about Kickstarter. Be sure to listen in to hear what Kickstarter is all about. In this episode, they cover two gaming terms: “orthogonally” and “AP (analysis paralysis).” Listen in (or read below) to hear them discuss these terms and what they mean. They also share actionable items that you can do to participate in the conversation: Tweet @bge_games or comment on Facebook to let us know about a Kickstarter game you recently backed or are thinking about backing. Or, in your opinion let us know what was the first good game on Kickstarter?

Jay runs the Asian board game review site called Cardboard East. Spencer owns a vegan restaurant in Taipei called Ooh Cha Cha. He also wrote and designed the RPG system The Northern Realm.

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Episode Topics

Jay and Spencer- 1:20

Jay and Spencer co-host the Board Gaming with Education Geek Discussion Episodes! They will be around a lot for Season 5. Be sure to listen in to get to know Jay from Cardboard East and Spencer from the vegan restaurant Ooh Cha Cha and designer of Northern Realms.

Each episode will include three segments- homework review, the “What does Spencer know?” segment (discussion of gaming terms), the episode topic, and homework for the next “Geek Discussion” Episode.

Homework Review- 3:20

Jay, Spencer, and Dustin talk about some recent educational games they have played, or at least games they feel have some applications in learning. Well, at least Jay does. Spencer and Dustin didn’t do their homework…

Jay talks about two games: Ocean Crisis and Andean Abyss. You can read Jay’s review of Ocean Crisis on his site Cardboard East.

Ocean Crisis is a cooperative educational game where players work together to save the planet by eliminating and preventing all the garbage that piles us.

Andean Abyss is a historical game that takes place in Columbia in the 1990’s during the time of the last Marxist guerrilla armies.

“What Does Spencer Know?” (Gaming Terms): “Orthogonally” and “AP (Analysis Paralysis)”- 9:50

Dustin, Jay, and Spencer discuss the terms “orthogonally” and “AP (Analysis Paralysis).” “Orthogonally” is a term used to describe a movement in a game where the pieces move up and down or side to side instead of diagonally (picture the rook movement in chess). “AP” is a term for when a player is thinking too much about the move they are going to make on their turn. They are analyzing their moves so much they seem paralyzed.

Kickstarter – 15:24

Dustin, Jay, and Spencer jump into the topic of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. Backers (or those interested in financially supporting a product or seeing a product or idea become a reality) will fund a project. Kickstarter is used widely in the board game community. Tabletop games are also the largest revenue source of Kickstarter.

In April of 2019, games on Kickstarter made over $1 billion USD. Of those billion, a whopping $687 million USD were tabletop games. Listen to Dustin, Jay, and Spencer discuss this number and what it means to tabletop games.

Jays mentioned the game Alien Frontiers, and credits the game as being the first “good game” on Kickstarter. Be sure to listen in to hear more about his opinion about this.

In the episode, they explore how game publishing companies have leveraged the Kickstarter platform as a pillar of their business model. Be sure to listen in!

They also go into detail on what you can expect as a customer when you back a Kickstarter project. You can follow the project and the publishing company for updates and even give some feedback about the project as it comes to fruition. They also talk about one of the staples of the Kickstarter board game sphere: stretch goals. This is how the hype continues with a game. After a certain number of backers are reached on a project, as a backer, you’ll earn bonus rewards for backing the game.

Homework – 34:10

Tweet @bge_games or comment on Facebook to let us know about a Kickstarter game you recently backed or are thinking about backing. Or, in your opinion let us know what was the first good game on Kickstarter?

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