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Board Gaming with English

A Fun English Learning Podcast!

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A Fun English Learning Podcast!

Your hosts Dustin and Rich will teach you how to play board games and help you improve your English. Each “Learner Edition” episode includes information about the game, ways to improve and practice your English, and some light banter between Dustin and Rich.

“Teacher Edition” Episodes

“Teacher Edition” episodes will be quite exciting for teachers, educators, board game enthusiasts, or anyone in between to listen to. They are very different from the “Learner Edition” Episodes because they will be much faster paced and explore various topics centered around innovative teaching techniques to help their students learn, systematic impacts of gamifying education and how board games can help anyone learn a second language and connect culturally, as well as other various topics.

We are really excited to have some great guests and experts on the show as well. Our guests will come from various background and industries, from teachers to learners to educators to board game enthusiasts to professionals in the board game industry. By exploring these different aspects of games and learning we feel we can help our audience develop and consider what helps our students and anyone learning a language learns best.

Reviews: What are our listeners saying?


“Everything in podcasting has already been done. But then these guys come along and did something different! I love their idea of a podcast about using board games to teach English. Every teacher knows that play helps cement concepts no matter how old we are. Lucky listeners can improve their English by jumping in and playing games while learning new words, and the lesson will stick! Plus, these guys seem really kind and passionate about games and learning!”


“I like episode 11. I think Werewords is a very cool game. I learned many rules of the game. I think [the] two hosts of the show are funny and interesting.”


“Making board games not boring. Also, makes English more fun!”

Wendy Lister

“It is so fun to listen to two skilled educators teaching the games that keep their students engaged. Dustin and Rich are two experienced teachers who work with English learners, and the podcast is great for both English learners and teachers of English learners looking for fun games to keep their students engaged.”


“What a fun, interesting and educational concept the “Board Gaming with English” introduces to us here. I’ve really enjoyed listening to Dustin and Rich’s show and was able to learn a lot while, at the same time, I was having fun. Using tabletop game is a very smart and light way to get both students in the classroom or people learning by themselves involved in the learning process. Great who, totally recommended!”