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As we grow as a community we want to highlight members of the Board Gaming with Education community.

If you would like to be considered as an “Edugamer of the Week,” you can fill out the Google Form here. If you would like to nominate someone as “Edugamer of the Week,” you can send an email to podcast@boardgamingwitheducation and include the name of the person, how we can contact them, and why you want to nominate them.

I want to thank Scott for being a member of our community! Thank you Scott for all that you do in game-based learning and games in education. Keep making great games!

Listen to his appearance on the Board Gaming with Education podcast: Coming Soon!

About Scott Kelly

Scott was a miniature gamer who became a teacher and game designer and then wanted to incorporate games into teaching. Last year he used 2 of Academy Games’ Birth of a nation series titles in History class, and used the game he created, Mathemagician’s Duel, in math classes to engage students. Now he has partnered with a graphic designer and fellow gamer (Bill Murphy) and founded BSGames to publish Mathemagician’s Duel, plus other games they are currently developing. He plans to incorporate even more games into his teaching since he was encouraged by the level of thinking and engagement the last time he did it. The topics he teaches inspires him to come up with more interesting ways for students to interact with the knowledge and skills, and to create games and game-like activities, as well as bringing published games into the classroom.

Get in touch!

Website: www.bsgames.ca

What are your current favorite top five games?

In no particular order…

  1. Blood Bowl
  2. X-Wing
  3. King of Tokyo
  4. Castle Panic
  5. 1812: Invasion of Canada

What advice do you have for someone who would like to incorporate gaming elements in their learning environment?

Don’t forget to have a purpose for using the game and make sure that your students understand that they have gained some learning from playing the game, and that it wasn’t just time-wasting fun.

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