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Edugamer of the Week – Danielle Reynolds

As we grow as a community we want to start to highlight members of the Board Gaming with Education community.

If you would like to be considered as an “Edugamer of the Week,” you can fill out the Google Form here. If you would like to nominate someone as “Edugamer of the Week,” you can send an email to podcast@boardgamingwitheducation and include the name of the person, how we can contact them, and why you want to nominate them.

Danielle has designed some amazing games that work well in an educational context that make fun gaming experience as well!

You can listen to her appearance on the Board Gaming with Education podcast: https://www.boardgamingwitheducation.com/nut-stash/

About Danielle Reynolds

My name is Danielle Reynolds and I am a Game Designer living in the Chicagoland area. I started making games when I was a kid for fun but recently took up designing again in August 2017 after my first GenCon. My background is in graphic design, marketing and social media. I currently work full-time as a Marketing Coordinator for Williams Architects and part-time as Social Media Coordinator for the NF Network, a non-profit for Neurofibromatosis. My dream is to be a published designer and work full-time in the industry I love. My passions include design, playing games, charity, travel, networking, superheroes, friends and family.


Twitter @CreativeDmr

What are your current favorite top five games?

  1. Catan
  2. Splendor
  3. Wingspan
  4. Gaia
  5. Machi Koro Legacy

What advice do you have for someone who would like to incorporate gaming elements in their learning environment?

Kids have shorter and shorter attention spans today, incorporating something like gaming that will capture their attention, imagination and creativity is invaluable.

Is there a current project or anything you are working on that you would like others to check out?

I’m always working on new games and the best way to track their progress is on the DMR Creative Group Facebook Page or my website at www.dmrcreativegroup.com/games.

Fun Question You want to be asked: “What game most resembles your day job or job workload?”

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