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Meet Dustin!

Dustin started his career in education after he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BA in English and a minor in Education. After graduation, he wasn’t sure if teaching was what he wanted to do, but he was given the opportunity to teach and live abroad in South Korea. He gladly accepted the opportunity with little knowledge about what to expect. This adventure set in motion the trajectory of his career and life.

Dustin grew up in the midwestern state of Nebraska. Nebraska is a wonderful homey state in the center of the United States. His roots of compassion, patience, and devotion, all things that greatly contribute to his teaching came from growing up in his hometown and state with a very supportive family. These attributes he has carried with him throughout his life and instills them in most everything he does.

Dustin finally branched out and first left the midwest when he studied abroad in Mexico during college. This was his first experience really living outside of his hometown. This is when Dustin fell in love with travel, cultural experiences, language, and international and cultural exchange.

After teaching in South Korea, Dustin returned to the US to pursue his master’s degree in International Education. This involved living and teaching in Hangzhou, China. A lot of things happened during his year in China, including furthering his passion for teaching and falling in love with his, now wife, Grace. Dustin returned to the states for two years and got married.

Now, Dustin is with his beautiful and wonderful wife Grace living in Taiwan. Dustin teaches English at a university in Taipei. He is always looking for ways to have fun with his students and create a more engaging classroom. This is how “Board Gaming with English” was founded.

He contributes to the podcast as co-host with Rich. He also does the website design, editing, and some marketing.

You can find Dustin playing board games with friends, teaching at his university, running around Taipei training for races, jamming to music, or at any of our “Board Gaming with English” events.