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Capital Gains Studio (Economics Board Games for Class) – 73

Episode Overview

In this episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin and Grace talk about two games from Capital Gains Studio: Wongamania and Cryptocurrency. They talk about their experiences playing the games and potential implications they may have in class.

This episode is sponsored by Fort Circle Games. You can find their fun historical board game, Shores of Tripoli, that plays in forty-five to sixty minutes on Kickstarter now! (11/4/19)

Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their songs “Retro Gamer” and “Soul Train” for our interview and sponsorship segments. These songs can be found in full on this music archive.

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Episode Topics

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Fort Circle Games and Shores of Tripoli – 1:58

The Shores of Tripoli is a fun historical board game that plays in forty-five to sixty minutes.  Play as either the brave United States Navy and Marines or play as the fearsome Barbary pirates! Check it out on Kickstarter now! (11/4/19)

Wongamania and Cryptocurrency by Capital Gains Studio – 2:48

Grace and Dustin talk about some great mechanics and experiences playing both Wongamania and Cryptocurrency. Be sure to listen to the episode to learn about their full experience and thoughts.

Wongamania – 8:27

Wongamania is a fantastic game that incorporates economic concepts where players compete to be the most successful players with the most wonga (money) at the end of the game.

Hands down the best part of the game for educators is the additional pamphlet that comes with both games. It highlights key terms and concepts in the game and shows how those ideas are demonstrated in the game mechanics.

Dustin’s investments and life events in Wongamania.
Getting ready to play the government bailout!

Cryptocurrency – 14:50

Cryptocurrency is a great push your luck game where players compete to invest in and mine the most valued cryptocurrencies.

Using the Games in Class – 19:00

Grace and Dustin discuss the implications of both Wongamania and Cryptocurrency in class. The pamphlet that is included in the game is a wonderful way to approach game-based learning in the class.

Grace also shares some ways to implement the games through power stations and a long-term playthrough of the game. Listen in to hear their discussion!

Games from the Episode

Throughout the episode, several games are mentioned. If any of these games sound like something you might enjoy playing yourself or in your class, you can help support our podcast by purchasing these games through our Amazon affiliate links. We will earn a small commission at no expense to you.

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