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Brooklyn Game Lab feat. Wes Schierenbeck

Episode Overview

In this episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin sits down and talks with Wes Schierenbeck from Brooklyn Game Lab. Dustin and Wes talk about board games and how they can be a great learning experience for kids. Wes is the Program Manager at Brooklyn Game Lab, an after-school program and summer camp for kids; in the program, students develop social and strategic skills by playing & designing board games.


Twitter: Twitter.com/brooklyngamelab


Facebook pageFacebook.com/brooklyngamelab

Wes Twitter: Twitter.com/TheWesWing

Read more about the episode and take a look at the games they talk about in this episode below.

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Episode Topics

Wes Schierenbeck- 0:45

Wes Schierenbeck is the Program Manager at Brooklyn Game Lab, an after-school program and summer camp for kids; in the program, students develop social and strategic skills by playing & designing board games. Wes is in charge of designing original content and selecting which games have the most value for students. Every day Wes is living the dream: playing and designing board games M-F.

Sid Meier’s Civilization (III)- 1:16

Wes talks about his formative experience playing Sid Meier’s Civilization III, and the Civilopedia that contains loads of information and history about different civilization’s and their histories.

Jumping into the Program at Brooklyn Game Lab- 2:00

Wes jumps right into the conversation and talks about a game they used at one of their programs at Brooklyn Game Lab. Wes goes into detail about the lab cards they use in their program. The cards are meant to analyze different games to help kids in their program develop critical thinking skills. Students also tap into their creative side by adding on expansions to different games. Wes talks about the kids playing My Little Scythe and how they built an expansion for it.

Educational Benefits of the Program and Brooklyn Game Lab- 6:15

As a completely unplugged program, Brooklyn Game Lab sets itself apart from today’s modern society. This creates an atmosphere for kids in their program that helps to foster social skills, collaboration, and social growth.

The program also leverages unique activities revolved around tabletop games to tap into social and mental growth. Be sure to listen in to hear how kids at Brooklyn Game Lab develop skills for educational growth.

What Else Does Brooklyn Game Lab Do?- 11:06

Brooklyn Game Lab is also a game store! If you are in the Brooklyn area, be sure to stop in to check out their games!

Programs, Events, and Activities at Brooklyn Game Lab- 12:05

Wes talks about all the things that kids at Brooklyn Game Lab do at their summer camp and after-school program, including designing board games, designing and playing tabletop RPGs, and LARPing.

Wes goes into detail about the process of designing these types of programs and the considerations involved in developing a program for kids based around tabletop games. Be sure to listen in!

Games from the Episode

Throughout the episode, several games are mentioned. If any of these games sound like something you might enjoy playing yourself or in your class, you can help support our podcast by purchasing these games through our Amazon affiliate links. We will earn a small commission at no expense to you. Check out the games below:

Wes’s Desert Island Questionnaire


Pandemic Legacy (Season 1)


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