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Board Gaming with Education Gamification Kit Characters

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These characters come from our print and play Board Gaming with Education Gamification Kit Prototype. Check out the example characters below, and read about some ways you can implement these characters in your class. If you sign-up for our email list you will receive the full sets of the characters (over 20 distinct types and 200 different character styles).

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

These are our print and play characters for our Board Gaming with Education Gamification Kit prototype. The final kit will include unique art with four different themes. In the meantime, you can use these characters from our prototype in your learning environment, and if you sign-up for our email list, you will be the first to know when the final kit becomes available.

How to use these gamification characters in your classroom?

Let each student choose a character, write their name on it, and then give it back to you. You can now use these characters as a way to call on students.

Integrate the characters into your lessons on writing. You can design a lesson based on character motivation. Let students create a character profile and describe the character’s motive. Let them interact with their character in an RPG environment in class using the motive of the character to drive the story.

Use the characters to choose student groups. Each group will have to find a character that is the same or different.

Go all in with a gamified classroom based on these characters. If you are well-versed on gamification in learning, then feel free to use these characters to allow your students to develop their avatars for your class. Be sure to look out for our updates about our kit as well. Like us on Facebook! To get the full set of characters you will need to sign-up for our email list.

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