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Geek Discussion: Board Game Reviews- 59

Episode Overview

In this “Geek Discussion” Episode of Season 6 of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin brings on Jay and Spencer to talk about board game reviews. In this episode, they cover two gaming terms: “ambient sociability” and “naches.” Listen in (or read below) to hear them discuss these terms and what they mean. They also share actionable items that you can do to participate in the conversation: Tweet @bge_games or comment on Facebook to let us know who your favorite board game reviewer is!

Jay runs the Asian board game review site called Cardboard East. Spencer owns a vegan restaurant in Taipei called Ooh Cha Cha. He also wrote and designed the RPG system The Northern Realm.

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Episode Topics

Jay and Spencer- 0:32

Jay and Spencer co-host the Board Gaming with Education Geek Discussion Episodes! They will be around a lot for Season 5. Be sure to listen in to get to know Jay from Cardboard East and Spencer from the vegan restaurant Ooh Cha Cha and designer of Northern Realms.

Each episode will include three segments- homework review, the “What does Spencer know?” segment (discussion of gaming terms), the episode topic, and homework for the next “Geek Discussion” Episode.

Homework Review- 2:15

Jay, Spencer, and Dustin talk about some games they recently browsed through and backed on Kickstarter. Jay talks about two games: Space Race, a unique space-themed engine building game and Tramways, a train-themed pick up and deliver game!

Dustin talks about the Vorpal Board, a board game system that allows you to play with your friends remotely, and the A.R.M.zine, an RPG for kids.

Dustin also backed March of Ants! A 4-X game with ants!

“What Does Spencer Know?” (Gaming Terms): “Ambient Sociability” and “Naches”- 8:50

Dustin, Jay, and Spencer discuss the terms “ambient sociability” and “naches.” “Ambient sociability” is a term used to describe being around people in a game and having the opportunity to interact with them. “Naches” is the feeling we get when we see someone we mentor succeeds.

Board Game Reviews – 15:24

Dustin, Jay, and Spencer jump into the topic of board game reviews. Jay takes control of this episode and dives into questions like:

Where do you normally go for board game or RPG reviews?

Do you trust in-person reviews of a game over reviews found online?

What kind of reviews do you prefer? Video? Written? Podcasts?

What do you look for in a game review?

What do you think about paid reviews in the board game hobby?

Homework – 34:03

Tweet @bge_games or comment on Facebook to let us know who your favorite board game reviewer is!

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