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5 Reasons for Holiday Board Games this Season

Why should you pick up a board game (or two) this holiday season?

Board games make for great holiday gifts! With the holidays just around the corner, things are going to look very different this year. Each year, I celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family and/or friends. This holiday season we will be lucky to get together with at least a small group, whether that is my wife and her parents, or a couple of other relatives looking to have a little company over the holidays.

With this strange holiday season, we think board games can make an excellent gift or provide an opportunity to spend time together with family and friends both remotely, or in-person.

If you are in a position this year though to get together with friends or family to celebrate your holidays maintaining and following your local public health guidelines, then picking up a board game will be a great way to reconnect. We have outlined five reasons why now is a perfect time to pick up a board game (even for virtual get-togethers)!

1. Bonding Time that Can’t Be Replaced

Board Games are excellent for creating enjoyable moments with friends and family. If you have the opportunity to get together then I am sure you are long overdue for some face-to-face quality time this holiday season. Like me, you might be a bit screen-tired, and craving more in-person time!

Board games make for a great time to share among family and friends. They also act as a great social lubricant for engaging with …

2. Board Games for All Group Sizes and Interests

Monopoly…Clue…Risk… these games play six players (or eight for Monopoly– who plays Monopoly with eight players!?), but oftentimes aren’t super enjoyable when someone gets knocked out early in the game, like in Risk and Monopoly!

Modern board games, such as Codenames, allow you to play with a group of up to 8 plus. The box suggests 8 players, but just like the Monopoly box, where an eight-player game is no fun, well… the Codenames box is wrong too! This is because I’ve played games of Codenames with up to 12 players and had a blast! The best part, no one gets eliminated!


Codenames – a great party word game!

The two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their Codenames. In Codenames, teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. Their teammates try to guess words of the right color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin!

There are many different types of games too! Are you looking for something that plays a quick round, is easy to teach, and you can pick up and play and put down at any time? Check out Werewords or Word Slam Family. Or how about a game that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Check out Marvel Codenames too!

3. Some Board Games Can be Played Remotely Too!

Some board games are great over a Zoom happy hour, or family Zoom get together! So, if you can’t get together this holiday season to play a board game, then try picking up one that can be played remotely! We just recently played Werewords on our Facebook page during a live stream.

Check out the video below and follow us on Facebook! (skip to 2:30 for an explanation and play through of the game)


Werewords Deluxe – play in-person and remotely!

In Werewords Deluxe Edition, players guess a word by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Figure out the magic word before time is up, and you win! However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who is not only working against you, but also knows the magic word. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf! To help you out, one player is the Seer, who knows the word, but has to be careful while helping you. If you guess the word, the werewolf can pull out a win by identifying the Seer!

4. They are Great Educational Tools for Kids and Adults

At Board Gaming with Education, this is what we’re all about! We vet games that are great at teaching concepts like biology, math, vocabulary, economics, art, and other content-specific topics. Board games are also amazing at teaching different soft skills, such as collaboration, problem-solving, communication, conflict resolution, and a growth mindset. This holiday season a board game would make a perfect gift that can be fun and educational!

We go into detail about many reasons why games make excellent learning tools on our podcast and in our community. One example we have discussed on the podcast is how board games also help with following rules and understanding morality based on Piaget’s Theory of Moral Development. Younger players are learning that rules established in a game are not an all-knowing being but actually navigated by the players in the game. Respecting those rules and the game experience comes down to respecting the players and people playing the game.

Check out some of our board games for learning in our store below. You can brush up on some of your chemistry, biology, or economics!


5. And… They’re Fun After the Holiday Season

Board Games won’t end with the holiday season! You’ll be able to play them long after the holiday season, and pandemic ends. I love to make the argument for the value proposition that board games provide. If you can get 8 friends and family members around a table to play a board game for an hour, and that game cost around $30, that’s $3.75 an hour per person! And that’s if you only play the game one time! Play it a second time, and now you’re looking at $1.87!

My point being, board games can provide hours of quality face-to-face entertainment that you just can’t get a lot of other places for the price.

Before you go, be sure to check out our holiday promotion at our Board Gaming with Education store!

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