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5 Best Tabletop Games to Play Remotely

… 4 tabletop games, one digital, and one bonus.

We miss playing games with family and friends. We miss meeting new people at game groups. Games have always been an outlet for socializing for us. So, with that said, we put together our list of best games to play remotely. We included four tabletop games, one digital-based game, and a bonus game for those looking to really hunker down into a long-term tabletop game adventure.

1. Codenames

Codenames is first on our list because it can be played through text and pictures! This is a great game where players have to find the secret words by giving a clue associated with the secret words. To play the game you use a 5×5 grid like the one pictured below. In the example below, you might need your team to guess two words, “apple” and “pie”, so you give the clue American. However, the 5×5 grid may also have the word “flag,” and in that case, it is the other team’s secret word. If your team chooses “flag” the other team wins, so you might think of a better word like, “dessert.”

We think this game is great because you can play through a video chat with one camera focused on the game board or through a group chat by having a game master who takes a picture of the game as you play along. Get Codenames on Amazon now!

2. Dungeons & Dragons

With all the extra time indoors, people working from home, losing a commute too and from work, why not fill that time with a new (or first) Dungeons & Dragons campaign?! Dungeons & Dragons and many other role-playing games have been used online for a long time now. This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in a role-playing game with friends and family. You can get the starter set on Amazon now!

3. Pandemic

Pandemic is a cooperative game where your main objective is to prevent four plagues from spreading across the world.

When playing Pandemic, you will be able to play with only one copy of the game. However, you will need to be sure you have a clear visual of the entire board, so all players can see what’s going on. Also, check out this article where the designer of Pandemic talks about his game and how we can learn from it to fight our current pandemic.

4. Roll and Write Games

Yeah, we know, this is not one game, but several. We think these types of games are perfect to play remotely, and you may only need one copy of the game. That is, if you are willing to share pages from your game (or you can laminate one page and reuse it, again and again, and again. There are many other roll and write games a classic being Yahtzee [affiliate link], but here are three to choose from.

5. Jackbox TV

This game has been making the rounds on social media, and we are no exception at highlighting how great this game can be to play during this time. To play JackBox TV all you need is a TV, a camera, and a mobile phone (or tablet) for each player. Set up the camera to stream the game displayed on your TV to all of your friends in a Google Hangout, use the code to sign-up, and play! Below we included a link to JackBox Party Pack 3 (our favorite)!

Bonus: Gloomhaven

This one is for those who really want to get into a tabletop game frenzy for months! If you are new to the idea of Gloomhaven (and the just Kickstarter launched sequel Frosthaven), the best way to explain it is a strategic role-playing video game in a box. This game would require multiple people to own a copy of the game. However, there is a workaround if you send the player’s chosen character in the mail to the other players. We did mention, choosing this option means you’re in for the long haul…

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