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5 Best Board Game Publishers of 2020

5 Best Board Game Publishers Of 2020

by Rodger Moore

Every year we do a list of podcasts, games, or other forms of media or resources we discovered throughout the previous year. These lists are new-to-us lists and you may have heard of these resources long before we have. With that said, below is our list of the top board game publishers of 2020.

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Note: games included in this list are linked to our store or are provided as an affiliate link through Amazon. These links help support Board Gaming with Education’s mission of games for learning.

1. Genius Games

John Covyou has built this publisher around science-themed games that are very enjoyable. We have had the pleasure to work with them directly in the past and have had nothing but positive interactions with John and his staff. They continue to evolve (See what we did there?) their games to appeal to a wide audience. The attention to the graphic design, clear rules, and gameplay cannot be overstated. Their games can pull you in with their engagement and you may just learn a little science along the way! You may just find them on Board Gaming with Education’s store as well! Being a former science teacher, they were an easy selection for me. And they made our list this year because they were our first publisher of games we sold in our store!

Below are a few games you can find in our store that come with accompanying learning resources developed by Board Gaming with Education:

From the site: “We are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based publishing company who believe these areas are full of possibilities for kids. We want to engage kids in the opportunities that these fields offer, showing them that science can be fun!”

2. Grey Fox Games

Grey Fox Games has consistently brought great games into hobby board gaming. The passion this staff brings to games cannot be emphasized enough. They continue to add games to their library that make gaming such an enjoyable hobby for everyone! Whether it gets them hooked through gameplay or with an entertaining theme, they are doing some amazing things with their games. We really like the direction that Grey Fox Games is going in since the addition of Lance Myxter (UndeadViking) earlier this year. I have had the pleasure of working with him directly by demoing many of their upcoming titles (I volunteer on their Berserkers demo team as well). We are looking to add their title For Science! once it is released. We included them in our list this year because of their amazing efforts to grow their community.

Some of their titles include:

From their site: “We are a publishing, marketing and fulfillment company that has made a diverse group of accessible, thematic games you’ll love to get to the table!”

3. North Star Games

North Star Games has struck a wonderful balance between family/party games and strategic titles. They can easily get new people into the hobby with games that appeal to any audience. Much of the appeal of their titles come from Dominic Crapuchettes who grew up designing and inventing board games since he was nine years old. Their games are very easy to get into but include a delightful gameplay element. We selected them as a go-to publisher for people who are new to the hobby or have had little experience with games. We also enjoy that they have branched into the digital realm with Evolution which has some great potential for students! We carry Evolution: The Beginning in our store and are looking to add more titles in the future! We are excited to include them in our list this year because of the amazing strides they’ve made as a company to appeal to all types of gamers.

We currently carry one title from North Star Games that also includes complimentary learning resources developed by Board Gaming with Education.

Some of their other titles include:

From their site: “A board game publishing company based in Bethesda, Maryland and founded by Dominic Crapuchettes. The company has been publishing games since 2003 including Wits & Wagers, Say Anything, and Dirty Pig. Never Stop Playing!”

4. Renegade Game Studios

Renegade game studios continue to put out such a plethora of diverse titles each year. They have games for any type of player from being new to the hobby or a seasoned gamer. They do a wondrous job of advertising their titles to the masses and we continusouly amazed at the passion they pour into each and every one of their titles. We have seen them in action during conventions and online tournaments and they hire people that all exude the same passion for gaming. We honestly believe that you can never go wrong with one of their games. I personally have not played one game from them I have not enjoyed and this is one of the many reasons we selected them. Spell Smashers is one of the more clever word games out there!

Some features worth checking out:

From their site: “To publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique. We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you may have just not found that right game yet!”

5. Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier games is a publisher that definitely goes for quality over quantity. They have titles that appeal to any level of gamer. We admire the passion and effort Jamie puts into his titles along with what games he selects to put in his library. The attention to detail from their rule books, components, and game immersion cannot be overemphasized enough. We have selected them due to these reasons along with their strong commitment to customers and the gaming community as a whole. We are looking forward to adding a title or two to our library of available games in the future!

Some of their titles include:

From their site: “We strive to create memorable, beautiful, fun games that engage and delight gamers worldwide. We aim for games that capture the imaginations of all types of people, as our goal is to include, not exclude: experienced gamers, new gamers, solo gamers, partners, larger groups, people of all races, genders, creeds, cultures, nations, sexualities, and ages. We also seek to add value to our fellow creators in a way that extends beyond board games by sharing our entrepreneurial successes, mistakes, and insights.”

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