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    Board Gaming with Education

    At BGE we are all about leveraging games for playful and engaging learning. Our mission is to grow the idea of games for learning and to ensure best practices when doing so. We are here to help you find the resources you need for your learning environment, overcome challenges of implementing game design as a part of your teaching practice or at-home learning, and help you find and play more games! Feel free to give us a call or send us a message below. We would be happy to chat now, or set up a time later to chat. Be sure to join our community as well! We are always talking about how games can be powerful learning tools.

    Feel free to give us a call or send us a message below. We would be happy to chat now, or set up a time later to chat.

    Our shop is live! We just launched our first line of science-based games. Be sure to look out for our “Resources Included” logo for any games that included supplemental Board Gaming with Education resources for your classroom or at-home learning. And be sure to join our EduGamer Email Community to be updated when new products and resources are added. Our next line of games will be communication and language-based!

    Recently Added and Featured!


    Evolution: The Beginning

    In Evolution: The Beginning, you will adapt your species to succeed in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce and predators roam.



    Dustin recommends Trapwords for an ESL classroom because it involves all players in the game and learning process at all times.


    Ticket to Ride

    Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure game where players collect train cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.

    Nerd Words: Science

    Nerd Words: Science

    Peer-review your brainiac credentials with Nerd Words: Science, an uproarious word game. Divide a group of your friends, family, and rivals into two teams and decipher one-word clues to find the correct science term in a minute or less.

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    You can also find our podcast on most apps and platforms:


    Board Gaming with Education

    The Board gaming with Education Podcast provides great content related to the fields of board games, game-based learning, and gamification. Our episodes are great for teachers, educators of all different capacities, board game enthusiasts, and professionals.